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Inspired by a post here:
Go right ahead and discuss:
Just what are the best GOG games to play whilst drinking wine?
"Beyond Good and Evil"
Because the main character is a girl.
But studies have shown that wine affects your sex drive adversely too.
For me, it would be Die by the Sword, because cleaving heads and smashing kobolds goes well with alcohol - drunken kung fuuuuuuu!!!
For me, Incoming/Incoming Forces fit the bill quite nicely.
Nothing goes better with alcohol than blowin the livin shit out of everything that moves. Lots of purtty explosions :D
I can somehow imagine Psychonauts being a drunk game..
If you swap that wine for some beer or whiskey, Duke Nukem 3D is clearly the best choice. By the time you get sufficiently drunk you'll find you've ended up in a strip club, just like in real life. ;)
Miaghstir suggests drinking while playing BG...
imma gonna do that. hope they have something interesting in my local liquid heaven.
honey ale maybe.