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Of no use to me as all the people I sent it to already had an account, heh.
Looking Good!!
If you see a "gnrfan53404" around here, I brought him to this place.
Thanks to NamelessFragger, I am able to access this cool site.
Yay! Invited my best bud! :D
I used the beta code and put it in a post on gamespot, I was trying to be nice and give it to someone and help them out and help this site...guess what...someone reported me to the nazi moderators and I got a temp ban just for giving away a beta code. I talked to a moderator and they said they do not want on their website..LOL is that stupid or what? Gamespot is a gaming website and I thought both GoG and Gamespot would go together but I guess not.
So I told him I would be spending alot more time over here where people like to talk about games without fear of being banned for something so ridiculous. I'm sure I got a permanent ban now..
That's what I get for trying to be nice and help someone out.
Karlallen: If someone replies with "I have no friends" can I have their code? ;)

I have no friends mate ;)
PM me and I'll send mine your way if you still need one.
EDIT: Do we even have PM's here? this is my first post :P
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Invited a friend. :)
is there something i'm missing i sent my friend the website and the code that shows up on my home page but he says it did not work?
Hey, I just finally got around to giving this code to a friend today, but he says he can't get it to work either. Has the promotion ended?