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With sadness in my heart I am departing with the last wave of my physical GOGs to one of the charities around here. To amplify my charitableness I would like to gift three games from the GOG assortment to the three winners of a small guessing game.

- First winner gets game of choice worth $9.99.
- Second winner gets game of choice worth $5.99.
- Third winner gets game of choice worth $5.99.

Below are the games I am giving away. All you have to do is send me a list of the games you can guess on the picture.

Here are the rules:

- DO NOT post your list here but rather PM it to me.
- The person with the MOST correct guesses is winner number one and so forth.
- If two or more people have the same amount of correct guesses, the one who was quickest to PM wins.
- Guessing the entire game title (with correct spelling) gives you an advantage over someone who didn't.
- You can send me more than one list if you later realize you have a better one.
- Game will end on Saturday 9 February 2013 @ 10 pm GMT. Anything sent after that will not count.

As a freebie the game on the south-west corner is 'Atlantis' :-). I hope the rules make sense and good luck guessing the other 41 games!
imag07042.jpg (185 Kb)
This is very generous of you, +1 :)

Will send a list sometime tomorrow.
not entering, +1 and thank you Timelegend
Nice idea for giveaway. Thanks and +1
Awesome idea - but I'll avoid entering as I doubt I can manage a quarter of those - IF that many!
Timelegend: snip
+1, not entering :)
Timelegend: snip
Braussie: +1, not entering :)
Hey Braussie! o/

+1 Timelegend!.. ;p
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Just sent in my list, thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I don't think I got half of them right xD
Nice giveaway, thanks! :)
Gonna pm you.
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Awesome picture and giveaway! Thanks and +1.
+1 Sure, I'll try my luck.
Not sure if I'll have the time to investigate the games, but thanks and +1 for your generosity, Timelegend!

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

EDIT: PM sent. :)

EDIT2: Sorry, I forgot to ask you before. If I win, would be OK if I choose to re-gift the prize, Timelegend? I'm looking forward to give a very belated Christmas present to a generous giver of this Community. :)
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thanks for a giveaway Timelegend!

PM'd you my list

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Sent PM with my list