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not in but just wanted to say its a great game. I finished it earlier this year, loved it. great story, great controls, great music and, to me, great graphics.
not in but +1 for you
Barry_Woodward: You've won!
Spinorial: Ooops ;)
Thanks a bunch ;)
In for Thespian*, thanks and +rep.
And voted! :D
Voted! However, I am not participating for any of the games. I remember playing the original free version of Cave Story in 2004, and it was truly awesome! The creator of Cave Story deserves recognition for his work.
Im interested in sam and max save the world or the last express. I'll go for gothic as well.
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Thanks Barry! I guess I already voted for it previously, as it won't let me vote again...

I'd like to enter for:

The Last Express
Back To The Future
Sam & Max Save The World
I have already voted for it and I would like to enter for SirEyeball.
Thespian*: - Gothic (but if I win, could you please send the game to akhliber?)
Spinorial: - Gothic for akhliber
Thanks to both of you! I really appreciate it! :)
Voted and in :D
DarkoD13: I have already voted for it and I would like to enter for SirEyeball.
thank you
in and voted
Voted! I've only ever played the vanilla version, but I did enjoy it, and would love to see + come here.

Please count me in for The Last Express and Gothic, if you would. Thanks!