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Not entering but thank you for returning the generosity. This is a great community. -1 to you.
Well, I just came here to add a +1 to your thread but I couldn't help but scan thru the list and saw Hinterland looking all lonely. Lots of good games in the list but that one called out to me. So, thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.
And we have two winners!

Soyeong: I'm in for Men of War: Red Tide. I have Men of War and I would like to play through the series, thanks.
Scribe81: I would like:

Broken Sword 2: since I just recently beat the first one and thought it was an awesome little adventure game and would like to try the next one.

Dark Fall Lost Soul: because I haven't played a scary adventure game in a while.
Scribe81 will have to pick one game out of the two.
Congrats to the winners and thanks again AFnord.
Thanks again AFnord :)
congrats to the winners
drat postal 2 , dat poor cat gun is silent
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drxenija: Cave Story+
JMich: Feel free to remove Cave Story from your wishlist.
Thanks! +1

Congrats to the winners :D Thanks OP !
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Thank you!
I'd like to get my hands on your Steam copy of Ceville, please. My reasons for it are:

1) I have a passion for adventure games. Starting with "Colossal Cave," all of the Scott Adams' aventures, Zork, all of Sierra Online's stuff, and up through today's games (Syberia, Longest Journey, et cetera).

2) Ceville has a quirky take on the classic adventure game and I like quirky humor.

3) I'm always on the look-out for games my young nieces can play and enjoy. This looks to be a definite possibility.

Congratulations to the winners!
And thank you again AFnord for this awesome giveaway!
I heard there was a nice Subliminal giveaway around here somewhere....
Congrats to the winners, and thanks again, AFnord!