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I'm in for King's Bounty The Legend. The reason is quite trivial - I have the rest of them already on steam, but I still don't have the base game - strange, isn't it? ;-) Also, as far as I recall, you won something in my giveaway, so... :D
I'm in for Necrovision: Lost Company or Cryostasis. Why? Well I already have Necrovision and I really like horror-themed action games, so I'm sure I would enjoy the prequel too. Same reason for Cryostasis - I like the genre.
I would like to try Abes exoddus and such other things.
King's Bounty: The Legend - have many fond memories of spending the summer of 1991 playing Kings Bounty on the Sega Megadrive and I would love to try the recent version.
Thank you so much for you generousity!
I'm in for:
Abe's Oddysee & Exoddus: Because when I was a kid, my PS1 broke a week after buying Abe's Oddysee, so I could never finish it.
Alien Breed 3: I love Team 17 games and this one seems really good.
Ceville and The Journey Down: One of my favourite genres are point n' click adventure games.
RoboBlitz: I always wanted to try this game so bad, but I never did.

And thank you too Rodzaju!
not in but +1, thank you both for your generosity :)
I'm in for:

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Cave Story+
Binding of Issac

Thank you so much!

edit: Oh, i forgot to explain why. Well, I'm actually fairly new to Steam, and I heard great things about these games, namely Superbrothers, Binding of Issac and Cave Story+. I know there are many others, but I'm a sucker for 2D games. I've also played one of the BIT.TRIP games for the Wii (forgot which one), and I really enjoyed the gameplay.
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I would like to try:
Cities in Motion

I moved from a small town to a huge city with lots of traffic issues. After being stuck in it for 2-3 hours a day, it would be fun and therapeutic to manage a city that actually works ;)
Thanks for the giveaway!
Looking 3 games,even 1 of those would be awesome.

Men of War: Red Tide
Reminds me another great strategy game Company of Heroes.

Metro 2033
I think its time to play another shooter scarier than Half-Life.

Anomaly Warzone Earth
This is a pure gem, a " reverse" tower defense.

Because the last time I played something like it, was in the Commodore CDTV with my trusty trackball managing all these "Lemmings". I wonder how those two match along.
Cave Story+
If already taken, The Binding of Isaac + DLC

I wanted Cave Story a long time ago. Unfortunately, I missed the HIB 7, would've gotten it :(
Most importantly, I have always been a fan of Cave Story, played it before it came to Wii and Steam back in the 2000.
Really brings back memories...

drxenija: Cave Story+
Feel free to remove Cave Story from your wishlist.
I would enjoy playing Sacred Gold. It's been on my Steam wishlist for a while now but I had to miss the deal during the Winter sale, cheap as it was because I was broke then. The open world, questing and companions you can have all look like they'd be fun.