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Thank you for this.
3 games there jump out at me.
I'm not greedy enough to ask for all 3, but perhaps one of the 3....

Abe's Oddesey & Exoddus
I did have these once, but then we discovered a forum issue & I decided to have a bit of fun….

Alien Breed 3
I have the first 2, but they are sat forlornly on my list, feeling incomplete, waiting for their sibling so that the party can start….

So that I can give it to Dovahcore.
Hang on.
Instead, you could just give it to him!
So that wasn’t a great idea….
I'd like Anomaly Warzone Earth. One of my friends has it and says it's cool, so I'd like to try it also.
Thanks for your generous offer!


I'd like this game because I want to be scared to death and attacked by undead creatures, only not in real life, but in a virtual kind of way that is interactive and not really dangerous. This seems to be the kind of way that video games of this nature provide.

Although, I am sure there are others more worthy of getting a game than I.

In any case, I hope the people who get the games enjoy them, and congratulations in advance!

Thanks again!
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Could I enter for Abe's Exoddus/Oddysee, but you give it to Robb5 if I win?
Not in for myself:


id like to back Azraels entry for the ninja gubbins thrown from that direction ive seen!
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I would like to enter for La Mulana. The reason is simple, i like platforming game with punishing difficulty. And thank you for the opportunity.
I would like:

Broken Sword 2: since I just recently beat the first one and thought it was an awesome little adventure game and would like to try the next one.

Dark Fall Lost Soul: because I haven't played a scary adventure game in a while.
I've always wanted to play Cryostasis, but have never had the opportunity to. I hope that I can have the chance now to have a go at it.

Thanks for the opportunity
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Thanks for the great giveaway!

I'm entering for Dark Fall Lost Souls. I really enjoyed both of the first two Dark Fall games and I'd like to see how the story continues. I also like the idea of going back to the setting of the first game to see how things have changed - I haven't played many sequels that did that.
not entering to much backlog to finish , +1 for the giveaway
I'm in for Men of War: Red Tide. I have Men of War and I would like to play through the series, thanks.
in for:
SOL Exodus - Desura

i love space sims. Sol looks amazing and getting a copy DRM-free on desura (since GOG does not yet offer it) would be perfect. Remappable controls to a gamepad is already intergrated, and would love to destroy some shadowy foes in space.

thanks for a giveaway, AFnord!
Entering for The Journey Down and Resonance. Why do I want them? Well I loooooooove adventures :) Thanks for the giveaway man.
Not in but +1 and thats a nice collection