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BlackDawn: I'll try my luck with King's Bounty Legend (btw you have it twice on the list :) cause you ride on a pony and beat the bloody crap out of monsters and loot and .. it's a great game xD
That is because I have 2 copies of it :P
Awesome. Well, I'm in for Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror. The first, which I recently beat, is the first P&C adventure game I've played since I was a teenager. I'd like to continue the story. :) Thanks for doing this, man. +1
Thanks! I'd like Resonance. I'm a sucker for adventure games, this one looks good and I've heard good things about it so I'm pretty sure it would tickle my fancy.
I am in for Ceville! I would like to start off by saying you have a very large............list of games there!! (And I'm not just sucking up) I would like Ceville as I am a point and click adventure player and this game looks like it would be one I would enjoy. I too have been blessed by the generosity of this community and it is people like you and many others that make this such a great community.

Did I mention that when I grow up I want to be just like you!!!

Thanks for the giveaway.
I've had far too many late nights because of that man Iain this month... he gifted me an absolute gem in King Of Dragon Pass on Xmas day. Top bloke!

Not entering but many thanks and +1 for your generosity, and thanks again to Iain for starting the ball rolling with his continued generosity.
I am for Trine :)

My first played game was prince of persia 1 ,I saw that Trine is also platform,so why not :)
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I wish to try for:


Because I really loved the free version and always wanted to try out the updated one, It truly is a great game spelunking around and whipping things doesn't get better than that.

Thank you very much for the giveaway
Thanks for your generosity and +1 to you ( and Iain)

I would like to try for

UnderRail on Desura please.

I love the Fallout games and anything to do with apocalyptic scenarios and I enjoy the isometric viewpoint too.
I notice that UnderRail has a crafting element as well. Considering I like crafting in my MMO (Vanguard), I think that UnderRail should be a perfect fit for me

Thanks again
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Not in but +1

Thanks for making GOG special!
Another "not in and +1". Thank you for those giveways, that is very generous of you.
Thanks for the giveaway AFnord and +1!
I'm in for Avernum 4-6 and Hinterland just because they both look like oldschool in my opinion and who doesn't love those? :)
I'm in for Post Mortem. Thanks.
I'm in for Sacred Gold. I enjoy the action RPG genre and try to play a variety of them when I can. Even though the gameplay is pretty much the same, I like to experience the different stories and settings, the skills/abilities, and of course the variety of loot. I missed the Sacred series and would like to see what it's all about.

Thanks for the giveaway AFnord. +1.
count me in for postal2 /loads cat into gun
Thanks AFnord for this giveaway, Rep+ for you :)

I would like to enter for Ceville, because it looks really funny, it has interesting story, characters and setting, and I like that when I play Adventure Point-and-Click games ^_^