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Since almost no one showed any interest to The tourney of an interesting top-down realtime multiplayer footy game without any foot which's even gonna reward the worst kick!, I've changed the giveaway scheme.

Now we're gonna play MyBrute, actually I'm gonna play it for all participants, I'll create the Level 1 characters for everyone randomly and make the fights, then copy/paste the fight links here, so you can watch or not.

I want to do this with 16 players but any number more than 7 and less than 25 would be alright. There is only 1 restriction, you need to have at least 20 rep to enter.

Here are the prizes:

Disciples 2 Gallean's Return (taken by DeadlySkye)
Kings Bounty: The Legend (taken by shadowmirage)
Kings Bounty: Armored Princess (taken by Malv0isin)
Reign: Conflict of Nations
Cities in Motion (taken by benderz)
Zombie Shooter
Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 (taken by jpolastre)
Space Rangers (taken by telika)

Steamy Black Knight of the DRM
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War GOTY
Alien Breed 2 (taken by Azrael360)
Broken Sword 3 (taken by AlexHedgehog)
Avencast (taken by Vasilios)
Flatout (taken by Trid)
Lead and Gold (taken by stoicsentry)
Star Wolves 3 (taken by nmillar)
Metro 2033

Indie-loving dude's heaven
Dungeons of Dredmor (taken by te_lanus)
Introversion Bundle (taken by OvaltineJenkins)

Best old and new vidya games
Arkania 1+2
Divine Divinity (taken by danteveli)
Interplay Bundle (Tier 1: 8 games) (taken by QC)
Duke Nukem 3D

Younger and more handsome than Alpha's
Salem Closed Beta
World of Warplanes Closed Beta
SMITE Closed Beta

Prize distribution will be the same as my last giveaway, The giveaway of 1234 (which is a lunatic and mendacious number, and it hates JRPG's). I'll post the league results and the 1st GOG'er will have the opportunity to select what he/she wants, then 2nd GOG'er will select from remaining games and so forth.

I have looked into their souls... and yours. One of you three with determine the outcome of the tournament. The fate of billions depends upon you. Heh, heh, heh! -Lord Rayden
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Standings and schedule or

Kombatants (29)
- Trid
- Sulibor
- shadowmirage
- jpolastre
- Azrael360
- pH7
- Corax
- Malv0isin
- te_lanus
- Avogadro6
- benderz
- Stooner
- danteveli
- DeadlySkye
- Air-Trigger
- QC
- OvaltineJenkins
- AlexHedgehog
- Theta_Sigma
- Vasilios
- stoicsentry
- Telika
- Volt.
- nmillar
- KhalidYousif
- spoderman
- grynn
- Ian

Matchday 1
AlexHedgehog vs Sulibor, Sulibor wins!
jpolastre vs QC, jpolastre wins!
benderz vs Trid, Trid wins!
pH7 vs spoderman, spoderman wins!
grynn vs Stooner, grynn wins!
Vasilios vs OValtineJenkins, OvaltineJenkins wins!
Telika vs nmillar, Telika wins! (great comeback btw!)
Air-Trigger vs danteveli, Air-Trigger wins!
te_lanus vs stoicsentry, stoicsentry wins!
Volt. vs Ian, Ian wins! FATALITY!
DCT vs Avogadro6, DCT wins!
Corax vs Malv0isin, Corax wins!
shadowmirage vs Theta_Sigma, Theta_Sigma wins! (close one)
Azrael360 vs DeadlySkye, Azrael360 wins!

Matchday 2
Sulibor vs KhalidYousif, Sulibor wins!
danteveli vs Vasilios, danteveli wins!
DeadlySkye vs Corax, Corax wins!
Trid vs AlexHedgehog, Trid wins!
stoicsentry vs Telika, Telika wins!
Azrael360 vs shadowmirage, shadowmirage wins!
spoderman vs jpolastre, jpolastre wins!
Ian vs Air-Trigger, Ian wins!
Stooner vs benderz, Stooner wins!
Avogadro6 vs te_lanus, Avogadro6 wins!
OvaltineJenkins vs pH7, OvaltineJenkins wins!
Malv0isin vs Volt., Volt. wins!
nmillar vs grynn, nmillar wins!
Theta_Sigma vs DCT, DCT wins!

Matchday 3
KhalidYousif vs QC, KhalidYousif wins!
grynn vs stoicsentry, grynn wins!
DCT vs Azrael360, DCT wins!
Sulibor vs Trid, Sulibor wins!
Vasilios vs Ian, Ian wins!
Corax vs shadowmirage, Corax wins!
AlexHedgehog vs Stooner, Stooner wins!
Telika vs Avogadro6, Telika wins!
jpolastre vs OvaltineJenkins, jpolastre wins!
Air-Trigger vs Malv0isin, Air-Trigger wins!
benderz vs nmillar, nmillar wins!
te_lanus vs Theta_Sigma, te_lanus wins!
pH7 vs danteveli, danteveli wins!
Volt. vs DeadlySkye, DeadlySkye wins!

Matchday 4 and 5

Matchday 6
Post edited October 30, 2012 by grynn
Why not? You can count me in :)
Since you've put Dungeons of Dredmor under an 'Indie-loving dude's heaven' label, are we to assume that the game won't be on Steam?
GamersEntrance is GamersGate, Steamy Black Knight is well Steam :D, Indie-loving dude's heaven is Desura, Best vidya games is GOG and the last one is closed beta.


The fight is over (at last!), Not so mortal kombat might have broken the longest-running giveaway ever record on GOG if I was a bit lazier, maybe it already broke I'm not sure lol. Anyway here's the final standing,
As you can see, there are a lot of ties to be broken, so I did 8 additional tie-breakers that you can check below. Seedings were random (shuffled twice) for the tiebreakers.

tie-breaker 1
grynn vs danteveli, grynn wins!

tie-breaker 2
Sulibor vs Theta_Sigma, Sulibor wins!
Sulibor vs benderz, benderz wins!

tie-breaker 3
Air-Trigger vs nmillar, Air-Trigger wins!

tie-breaker 4
stoicsentry vs Trid, stoicsentry wins!

tie-breaker 5
DCT vs OvaltineJenkins, OvaltineJenkins wins!
OvaltineJenkins vs Corax, Corax wins!

tie-breaker 6
AlexHedgehog vs jpolastre, jpolastre wins!
jpolastre vs Malv0isin, jpolastre wins!

tie-breaker 7
Vasilios vs Stooner, Vasilios wins!

tie-breaker 8
DeadlySkye vs te_lanus, DeadlySkye wins!
QC vs DeadlySkye, DeadlySkye wins!
And after all these tie-breakers, here's the real final standings.

1. grynn
2. danteveli
3. Ian
4. Avogadro6
5. benderz
6. Sulibor
7. Theta_Sigma
8. Telika
9. Air-Trigger
10. nmillar
11. stoicsentry
12. Trid
13. pH7
14. Corax
15. OvaltineJenkins
16. DCT
17. jpolastre
18. Malv0isin
19. AlexHedgehog
20. Vasilios
21. Stooner
22. spoderman
23. shadowmirage
24. Azrael360
25. KhalidYousif
26. Volt.
27. DeadlySkye
28. QC
29. te_lanus

I agree it's a bit awkward to be the champion of my own tournament, I actually wanted danteveli to beat me on tie-breaker :D But since I won't claim any prize (no shit?!) we can assume that danteveli is the true champion of this tourney, congrats!

So here's what we're gonna do, danteveli will choose the prize he wants, then Ian and then Avogadro6 and so forth. Like a draft. Check out how we did it on The giveaway of 1234 (which is a lunatic and mendacious number, and it hates JRPG's).

BTW I can give your brute's password if you want, just send my a PM.

See you next time, I promise it will be a short one lol :D
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You will play for me? Sounds good.
I could give this a try :).
I'm in, this is actually a pretty cool idea
Post edited October 20, 2012 by Licurg
<looks aprehensive to own rep. Sighs relieved>
I wouldn't mind participating... thank you Grynn

Post edited October 20, 2012 by jpolastre
This is different, I'm in! :D

Thanks grynn (+1) :)
Nice set of games, but i don't have any rep so... :(
not entering because of backlog, just wanted to say thank you again grynn +1 :)
Volunteering for red shirt duty, sir!
pH7: Volunteering for red shirt duty, sir!
Hey, nice Star Trek reference :) The duty is all yours!