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Woop woop!

not entering, here to say thanks +1
1. Avadon
2. Bastion

Thanks. :)
thanks for the giveaway + button for post.
(don't think i'll win :) just wanted to enter)
Crayon Physics Deluxe
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Thanks for giveaway!

In for Avadon.
Thx for the giveaway. I'm just interested in one.

- World of Goo

Nice giveaway! +1 for you and my choices are:

1. Bastion
2. Machinarium
3. World of Goo
Ok, no more entries. Give me a little bit to get this sorted.
Ok, here are the winners. I'm a little disappointed that Gish wasn't the least desired game, because it is shit.

Avadon (most desired game) - DCT
Bastion - Purebreed
Cogs - Benjiir
Cortex Command - GameGuruNT
Crayon Physics Deluxe (least desired game) - Theta_Sigma
Gish - Azrael360
Machinarium - DavosSeaworth
Superbrothers EP - Lefich
Swords & Soldiers - Bensinkula
World of Goo - Stooner
Zen Bound 2 - Malv0isin

I'll be sending out PM's with the codes.
Gongratulations to all the winners and thank you kodeen for this wonderful giveaway! :)
Congrats to the winners and thanks again kodeen for your generosity.
Thank you kodeen!
Thank you for the giveaway and also Avadon, Kodeen.