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Hello All!
March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in the U.S. I would like to host a giveaway to spread awareness about this disease. More than 2.1 million people are afflicted with MS worldwide, which is an estimate because MS can mimic other diseases (making it difficult to diagnose) and most physicians do not report new cases. MS typically affects people from ages 20-50, and tends to happen in women more then men. MS is an autoimmune disease where the body begins to attack the mylen which covers and protects the nerve cells. This leads to a number of neurological issues which includes loss of the ability to walk, severe pain, extreme fatigue, loss of sight, acute reactions to temperature, and a host of other symptoms. More research is needed to help find out more information on this debilitating disease.
I was diagnosed with MS in the spring of 2008. I am fortunate as I regained my ability to walk, but deal daily with pain, and fatigue. I am working hard to overcome my issues with MS, and gaming is one way I escape for a while, along with trolling these forums.

And now, the giveaway: One GoG game of your choice for $9.99 or less. Simply post in this thread. Everyone is in, whether you like it or not! The Random Gods will decide the winner on March 8th at some randomly predetermined time.

Hopefully you are a little more aware of the disease known as MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and if that's the case, my work here is just beginning ;)

For More Info:

Re-gifiting is definitely allowed! (This means you Thespian*)
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You ARE NOT trolling. :D Also I know quite a lot about MS but I did not know that March was awareness month and I thank you for telling us and sharing with us.
First of all, sorry to hear you've MS. I've known several persons with autoimmune and/or degenerative diseases, so I can understand a little bit about your condition.

Also, thanks and +1 for your generosity, ucfalumknight.

Finally, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

Count me in, but if I win, would be OK if I chose to re-gift the prize to one, or even two, generous members of this Community? ;)
I'm from South Africa, and our biggest sport is Rugby, one of our greatest Rugby legends , Joost van der Westhuisen, was diagnosed with MS about 2 years back. I saw a piece on the Telly or Youtube about him visiting other MS patients, and I could barely watch it. Its heartbreaking to see a man everybody in the country is looking up to, struggling to move or even talk.

So yes SIr, a very good cause indeed.

P.S. - Don't count me in
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Tbh it's 1st time I hear about this disease, I hope you will be able to overcome it!
Also, thx for the giveaway.
My mum worked as a care nurse and quite a few of her paitents had MS. I've similar symptoms myself with degerative arthritis so I can empathise / sympathise with how much of a twat it can be to deal with!

Oh, and IN, thanks!
i have never heard about this disease, but i am sorry to hear you have it.

edit: i'm in.
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I did not know March was MS awareness month, thankyou for sharing this with us.

I have a degenerative condition myself (Not MS but very similar symptoms) so can appreciate where you are coming from.

Please count me in.
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Well now I know english name of stwardnienie rozsiane.

I've heard that Rochester Medical Center want to start stem cell treatment of this disease by 2015.

I'm in.
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Sorry to hear about this, hope you can overcome it. :)

I'm in, but if I win, can you give it to K_1269, please? Thank you.
I was also unaware that March was MS Awareness Month, so I thank you for informing me of that.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Oh, I'm in.
Good cause. Good giveaway!

Thank you for the giveaway and raising awareness, had an acquaintance with this disease it's really a struggle.
Thanks, I'm in! For Zafehouse: Diaries, to be exact.
Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck overcoming MS!