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I'm in, thank you +1
There are many ways to make me happy.
Working for a charity organization a goal of mine is the one good deed a day.
There is nothing better to boost your own endorphins than seeing a happy face.
I'm in! :D

As simplistic as it may seem, gaming regularly makes me happy.

When I spend too much time without any gaming, I tend to get unhappy.

Please note that I'm talking about playing about a couple of hours every other day, not spending my life in front of the computer.
Count me in.

What makes me happy?
One thing. Watching GOG grow and grow!
Nice giveaway daVigi! Thanks and please count me in.

What makes me happy, although sounding a bit corny but still the simple truth, is when my girlfriend laughs.
I'm in!

I love spending time with my wife. Especially when we travel together. It is just her and me and I love it.
I m in.
What makes me happy is seeing my kids enjoying their time together.

hx for giveaway
For college football fans, seeing Alabama lose the way they did today makes me happy lol.
Thanks for the giveaway and welcome to GOG daVigi. +1
Ok - I am in - What makes me happy?

1. Wife
2. Children
3. Grand Children
I'm in too if possible thanks!

Hmm what makes me happy are the little things in life that are just there to be enjoyed, another thing would be when things turn out well despite grim times.
Thank you for your generosity
Hardrada: I am in.

Good company makes me happy.
tinyE: So it stands to reason you're in a really shitty mood when you're in here. :P
Tell me about it. :D
I'm in.
Being able to run makes me happy. No, I don't particularly enjoy the act of running, but having the ability to do so is great (since at this time last year I was pretty sure I'd never be able to again).

Thanks again.
I'm in and thank you, daVigi +1

At the moment, what makes me happy is thinking about how I have a whole music studio contained in my computer. The technological advances made in even the last ten years are absolutely insane!

Oh yeah, GOG is ok for a bit of a laugh, as well ;)
Spinorial: I'm Canadian, so naturally I also like clubbing.

...aaaand, that's my TinyE moment XP
Oh dear, that is just awfully distasteful....... Thank you.

I'm in.
Happy children make me happy.
Thanks a lot, daVigi, for this most excellent giveaway. Please count me in!

Many things make me happy, but in terms of a smaller/everyday thing it's just getting some quiet time to myself to relax, browse the web, play a game, watch a movie, etc. while cozying up in a dimly lit room. I love time to myself (not that kind of time, tinyE :p), but I might just be an antisocial internet addict!
Having the perfect dessert after a perfect meal can easily make me happy. Oh so good. Thank you!