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Yeah, ladies and gentlemen! That's the spirit!

I am off now having a good time! Please continue posting!

KOI Mannheim, let's have an awesome party tonight! :-D
Aww, I can't enter. :(
I'm in and thanks.

Playing metal music loud makes me happy (and I guess my neighbours miserable).
I'm in.

What makes me happy is my friend Mai, she knows just what goofy emoticon to post to put a smile on my face.
I'm not in, as I was just quite lucky in another giveaway just this week, but thanks and +1 for an awesome giveaway! This really is a fantastic community and it makes me smile just to read up on the forums here pretty much every day.

One thing that makes me really happy is having coffee on the back patio and listening to the crickets before the sun comes up.
I'm in and thanks daVigi!

I like the feeling after finally (xD) figuring out the solution/end of a hard but fair puzzle/game level or discovering a new way to reach an objective.
daVigi: One thing that makes me really happy is to go clubbing and dancing on the dancefloor while being surrounded by happy people (especially beautiful women :-D). The DJ playing good House & Electro music perfects the night (even though I love Metal but why not listening to both?!).

And this is what I am just about to do. I want to celebrate and go out! KOI, I am coming for you!

Are you with me? Have fun & good luck!

You pretty much posted what I wanted to :D Having a great time with friends always makes me happy :)

Thanks for the giveaway, I'm in =)
I'm in. If I win first or second place I can make my wishlist a little smaller. :-)

One thing that makes me happy in gaming is when there's a good level editor/sandbox mode to play with. That's what I like about the DOS games Jetpack and The Incredible Machine. It practically makes the game last forever.
I wanted to post something everyone thinks is funny but one of the Blues told me if I posted a naked picture of myself that I'd get banned from the forum.
Spinorial: I'm Canadian, so naturally I also like clubbing.

...aaaand, that's my TinyE moment XP
You still look like you're farting!
I'm in.

What makes me happy is actually playing games. I'm disabled and feel powerless in my life. I can't do what most people can. When I play a game though, it helps distract from my pain and makes me feel capable again.

I also like solving problems or puzzles for the same reason.
Congratulations on your first giveaway!

I am most happy when I have finished some kind of strenuous physical activity and I get to relax while drinking some hot coffee. Simple but very anticipated moment.

Oh, and I'm not in by the way.
I am in.

Good company makes me happy.
Hardrada: I am in.

Good company makes me happy.
So it stands to reason you're in a really shitty mood when you're in here. :P
I am IN. Love the old games you guys have.