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Thank you so much for all of your comments so far!

I can really refer to a lot of things you mentioned!

So, let me tell you some more things that make me happy:

Visiting a metal concert of one of my favorite bands and just bang the hell out of me even though I have short hair :-)
The feeling after having worked out hard.
Of course...playing an awesome game.
Meeting with a beautiful and smart woman and... ;-)

There are a lot more activities that make me very happy.

Please continue posting more...I am very curious about it.
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daVigi: Meeting with a beautiful and smart woman and... ;-)
And what? Don't leave me in suspense!!

I like to paint as a hobby, though I rarely have time for it. One thing that makes me very happy is to complete a piece, especially when it turns out better than I thought it would. Looking at something nice and thinking "wow, I can't believe I actually made that" is very, very satisfying.
German RPGs make me happy.

What the heck is it about you guys over there? You just know how to make good RPGs.

And I'm in!
Great giveaway! I'm in.

When it is warm out, sitting on the deck reading a book and enjoying a beer or coffee makes me happy. I have to wait several months before experiencing that again since its winter, but looking forward to it!
Thanks for the giveaway! I am in.

Eating a good pizza usually changes my mood to happiness. Playing D&D with my friends is a sure happy time.
I'd like to be in!

The things that makes me happy are my babys smile when she sees me first thing in the morning, lots of beer and chicken wings, talking with my awesome wife on any topic, opening xmas presents, beautiful women, comedy and laughs in general, well done tv/movie/games of any genre, spicy food (really hot is better) and the tranquility of being by myself from time to time. Lots more stuff too but that's just off the top of my head :)

Thanks for your generosity, really great idea for a giveaway btw
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daVigi: Meeting with a beautiful and smart woman and... ;-)
mkell_226: And what? Don't leave me in suspense!!
I will leave that to your imagination. Wait, that sounds kind of weird...

Okay, ladies and gentlemen.

There are only five hours left for you to participate and win a game for free, so here we go.

Another thing that made me very happy: Two days ago, my favorite football club (1.FC Kaiserslautern) made it to the next round of the German DFB Cup :-).
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Somethings that make me happy are spending time with family and friends and also getting something accomplished.

Thanks and +1, daVigi.
I'm in.

Things that make me happy:

My kids.
Finally figuring out what was causing a bug that's been annoying you for hours/days/weeks.
Might as well enter.

One thing that makes me happy is planning my weekend: where should I go this time? The answer this week is to go act stupid on a "fan-made" Basque christmas parade in Brussels tomorrow, then go and visit Mons. Just because.
Ok, I'm in.

Lots of things make me happy, but a thing that happened a week or two ago tops most things.

Already had a tough week at work and that particular day was really bad. Mailserver had been crashing throughout the day, it was really stressful.
I got home, my youngest daughter (4 years old) ran towards me, gave me a big cuddle and crawled against my chest when I sat down on the couch. She stayed with me for 20 minutes and I really felt happy.
Getting misty eyed right now thinking about that.
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I'm in! Thank you for the giveaway and glad to see that you're happy! =)

In fact, as cliché as it sounds, seeing other people happy is what makes me the most happy. Obviously, I also desire my own personal happiness, but if others are happy, that tends to rub off on me and makes me feel good about the future.
Thanks for your generosity, daVigi, and congrats on the good news!

As for your question, that warm feeling when I'm able to re-gift a prize I've won to a generous forum member. ;)

So, please, count me in, but if I'm one of the winners, it would be OK to re-gift the prize to a generous giver?
I'm in.

A success after long tinkering with an old system or other computer stuff is always good and satisfying. The process itself can be quite frustrating, but the victory is sweet.
I'm in, thanks!
Beer makes me happy. And fridays. And learning bizarre, interesting, amusing facts.