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tinyE: Yeah, hugging your wife every night makes me happy too. :P
Mentao: This is not funny TinyE, not even for you.

I'm not laughing and I really want to punch you now.

You want to know why?

Well, even if you don't, I'll tell you why:

It's not funny to see you might have won a game just to find out it was just tinyE being tinyE. In the business I work for, if you set a customer's expectation, even if it goes against policies, you have to comply, so TinyE, now you owe me big time.

PS: j/k :P BTW, what the E stands for?
You scared the shit out of me there. :O I can't fight!
The E is Elvis as in Presley as in "Tiny Elvis" from an SNL sketch starring Nicholas Cage.
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I'm in. Friendly and helpful people make me happy.
Something that makes me happy is when people whose job supposedly is to be helpful actually are. That may not sound like much, and in many spheres of life it's normal, but in others it's damnably rare. This applies especially to any sort of bureaucrat who deals with the public, and most especially those who deal with the disadvantaged public (e.g. those claiming welfare benefits), who are all too often unhelpful, or even obstructive, or occasionally downright malicious.

For the avoidance of doubt, I'm in.
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I'm in!!

Some folks might hate me for this, but one thing that really makes me happy is coming home after work and being greeted by my 2-year-old, running down the hallway and shouting at the top of his lungs to announce my arrival, and then shouting even louder to show me what new prized possession he's waving in his chubby little hand.
gbaz69: Specially since watching tv is about the only thing I can do on my bad days, so getting to watch stuff that makes me feel better and happy is a godsend.
I'll never ever forget those listed shows... they will be with me forever!
That reminds me of a great line from Futurama, where Fry's talking about his love of Star Trek: "And those times in my life when I didn't have any friends? It (the show) made me feel like, maybe I sorta did..."

Great shows are like that. =]
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Thank you for your generosity!

If I may, I would like to enter for Schnuff.

What makes me happy is the moment when I return home every day from work seeing my kids turning from whatever they are doing to greet me.
Glad to hear you had a such a wonderful day, daVigi!

Thanks for the giveaway, I'm in.

I'm happy there's been a resurgence of grid-based first person RPGs lately. With Migh&Magic X, Grimrock 2 and maybe even Grimoire coming up, next year is going to be good gamewise if nothing else!
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Im in, thanks.

My girlfriend makes me very happy. I am happy to know gog and its forum, too.
I'm in

What makes me happy is when I spend winter or christmas somewhere else than Ireland because there is no real winter here

thanks for the giveaway :p
I'm in, thank you!

What makes me happy is coming home from work and pouring a hot cup of coffee then listening to some music and / or enjoying a slow-paced game. It really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
I'm in, and +1.

What makes me happy is helping my co-workers with their paperwork, so they can focus on helping their clients find jobs.
I'm happy when I learn new things.

Count me in and thanks for the giveaway!
I am in. Thanks for this giveaway!

Honestly, what makes me genuinely happy is experiencing or witnessing true altruism/selflessness.
I'm in too! Figuring out something that makes me happy turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Heh...Probably says something about my life. Decided to do it about games, then.

I kinda miss that feeling now, I guess the internet sorta ruined it, but it definitely used to make me happy...
Getting a new adventure game, playing it in "sessions" with a friend beside you on the computer, discussing strategies as you go along, even when you weren't playing you'd be thinking about solutions or talking about solutions. Sitting in class, listening to the teacher, but your mind was on how to solve a particular puzzle. Then when you finally got the puzzle, and you were rewarded with a cool animation or music, and then a new area to explore opened up, and you'd go crazy clicking everywhere drinking in all the new responses and backgrounds, till you hit the next puzzle, and then repeat.

That was happiness! Kinda sad how difficult it is to recapture that now. Maybe a game would help :P. Thanks!
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I'm in and Thanks!

What makes me happiest is the time I get to spend with family, ESPECIALLY now during the holiday season. watching my sons grow and seeing how they respond to all new things they learn (they're still little guys ;) ) is so enjoyable and makes my wife and I laugh constantly. To hear them say "love you daddy" pretty much melts me as well. Also, yesterday was my birthday so you cannot beat that!
Thanks for this GA, +1!
Singing in choirs or solo makes me very happy. It´s a good thing to create a nice performance with a little group and build up a new interpretation of an already known pieces of art.
Espacially, I´m feeling happy when performing old music in "historical informated" style. That just sounds so right ;)