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Getting lucky makes me happy. That that however you want to take it lol.
I'm in.

What makes me happy is watching tv shows that I like. Stargate SG1, Breaking Bad, all Star Trek series... just to name a few.
Specially since watching tv is about the only thing I can do on my bad days, so getting to watch stuff that makes me feel better and happy is a godsend.
I'll never ever forget those listed shows... they will be with me forever!

And thanks for the giveaway!
in! & +1! :D

I like fastwalking/jogging while talking on the phone with friends and people I haven't been in a touch for a while!

Apart from that: women,videogames :P
I'm in.

What makes me happy is enjoying a nice long walk in nature together with my wife.

Thanks for the GA and +1
I'm in!

My 3 cats make me happy. Especially when they bring me small forest animals (sorry small forest animal lovers!).

I used to enjoy clubbing too but now I'm old and can't be bothered. Have fun though!
I'm in, and thanks for the giveaway - +1 rep, and I'm glad to hear you had good, important news.

There's a lot that makes me happy. Just now, a slice of leftover holiday turkey did the job. We finished the short run of a play last weekend, and probably nothing makes me quite as happy as doing a good performance in an interesting play: it's a fleeting but joyous experience, heightened and alive.
I'm in!

The thing that makes me the happiest is being warm, well fed and enjoying a great game on my PC - at the moment that is Avadon 2 :)
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Count me in please! Congrats on the good news daVigi and thanks for the giveaway.

What makes me happy is my great family. The fact that I am in good health is something else I appreciate. In gaming I just started Gemini Rue and am looking forward to the experience.
Not in but +1
In, but just for the $9.99 prize, as I have a specific game in mind. If I come up for the second prize, just pick again.

One thing that makes me happy is suddenly seeing the solution to the mathematical problem I've been staring at for some time. The sense of triumph and understanding when I see how to prove that the result is true, and that it can be easily extended to so many other situations. Amazing feeling...why are you looking at me like that? :P
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I'm in.

What makes me happy is a nice cup of tea with a good book, and my cat curled up next to me.
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I am happy when I go for a walk among the nature listening to birds sing.

Please count me in and thanks for the giveaway daVigi.
Thanks daVigi and welcome to the community.
I'm in, and I'm happy that things are beginning to look good in the house (finished renovating about 2 weeks ago) and now with a bit of furniture and cleaning it seems that until Christmas we'll have a live-able apartment.
Mentao: Count me in and +1 for you.

What makes me happy is sleeping hugging my wife every night.
tinyE: Yeah, hugging your wife every night makes me happy too. :P
This is not funny TinyE, not even for you.

I'm not laughing and I really want to punch you now.

You want to know why?

Well, even if you don't, I'll tell you why:

It's not funny to see you might have won a game just to find out it was just tinyE being tinyE. In the business I work for, if you set a customer's expectation, even if it goes against policies, you have to comply, so TinyE, now you owe me big time.

PS: j/k :P BTW, what the E stands for?
Mentao: PS: j/k :P BTW, what the E stands for?
I hope its not a body part!