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I'm In...

I really Exited because I brought a new Laptop this black friday, 1 year save some money whit effort ... and it succeeds. I have a new laptop... I'm HAPPY!!!

is not powerfull but for me is enough... ;)
Asus 15.6 Notebook - Intel i3-3217U, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8
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I am in.

And i would be happy if i can finally, see the woman i love, again after such a long time.
Or winning the lottery.:p Either would make me happy.
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Thanks for the giveaway, mate!

I'm in.

I see you're my type of person when it comes to having a good time, so if you're ever in Belgrade, be sure to visit club called Danguba. It's my "holy temple", place where I go to replenish the batteries.
Piece of the atmosphere, but you got to be there to really feel it, its special! I certainly wasn't there when this video was made, it's too "quiet" :D
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i am in.

finishing a book makes me happy, or beating an epic rpg and finally seeing the ending/giving the final boss a beatdown. im usually op by the time i actually make it to the end (if i can stick with it).

thanks for a giveaway daVigi
Drinking warm chocolate at the end of a tiring day. Bliss.

I'm in, thank you for the giveaway.
Thanks daVigi. Much like what you've chosen to do here, giving makes me happy. As long as the recipient is well deserving and not one of those who is constantly on the lookout for free handouts at every oppurtunity.
Appreciate your generosity here.
I'm in!

Walking in nature is what makes me happy. Mainly in spring where here is everything green and full of life. You can see how Earth is waking up. It gives me power.
I'm in!

First: thanks for the generous giveaway.

Second: what makes me happy is a quiet, winter night, even better if it is snowing hard and i'm outside. A rainy day afternoon. Going out with a couple of friends.
Thanks for the giveaway. I'm in.

Watching our cats randomly jump vertically always brings a smile to my face.
I'm in. What makes me happy is coming home from a long day at work and seeing my wife. Also, just hanging out with our dogs and cats - they're all a bunch of characters and it's endlessly fun seeing them interact.
I'm in.

Thanks for the giveaway, I will just try my luck ^^

And that's what I'm happy about : beeing lucky on a flea market recently ( I really really love flea markets cause I have a strong affection for old things no matter which kind of things) . I got the complete Might and Magic for Blood and Honor box for 3 euro, I was looking after that game for a very long time but unfortunately the boxed german version is quite rare so this was a unbelieveable event for me. I was trembling with excitement and felt overjoyed. Besides I got a nice horror novel so my luck was perfect that day.

...and reading comments about cat's behaviour..., I also draw joy from watching my cat eating with her paws, even though she leaves nasty tracks.
Count me in and +1 for you.

What makes me happy is sleeping hugging my wife every night.
Mentao: Count me in and +1 for you.

What makes me happy is sleeping hugging my wife every night.
Yeah, hugging your wife every night makes me happy too. :P
I am in. Thanks.

What makes me happy? Playing games. Hanging out with my oldest friends. Both.

That and free porn.
I'm in...

What makes me happy? Playing a new game for the first time and finding that it lives up to the hype.