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I'm in. :>

tinyE: I wanted to post something everyone thinks is funny but one of the Blues told me if I posted a naked picture of myself that I'd get banned from the forum.
One thing that makes me happy is that there is some benevolent force out there stopping tinyE from posting his noodz. :D
im in
what makes me happy is when i am hunting and i get my buck in two shoots.
I'm in!

What makes me really happy is that my family is finally growing again after years of only losing family members.
I'm in.

What makes me happy is seeing what a happy person my daughter is growing up to be.
Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway! +1
Count me in, please. ^^

I find a strange happiness staring at the Moon... it inspires me.
I'm in.

Sitting on the grass and watching sky make me happy. That's feel when you dont have to go or run anywhere with busy face, that's feel of free.
Count me in.

I'm happy with the simple things. Stuff like playing games, catching up with friends etc. and not having to think of work :)

Thanks for the generosity daVigi!
I'm in... +1 by the way.

What makes me happy? That is a long list, but I think most of it comes down to awe and wonder. When someone sees something that truly strikes them with it. That look, that wide eyed look of amazement. Every time I see that it brings me such joy, be it from video games and seeing a new world to explore and enjoy, or from seeing the magnificence of looking out into the galaxy and getting a big dumb grin at how beautiful it looks. I know it probably sounds silly, but seeing others well up with excitement and happiness just makes me positively over the moon. :)
I am in and everything in the attached picture is what makes me happy. :D
happy!.jpg (101 Kb)
Im in.. absolutely..

Im happy and i like turtles... yea, its good old games but i do..
Thank you for the generous giveaway, I am in.

One thing that makes me happy, is that I have people who will always stand by me, no matter what. When I come home, there's someone to wait for me there at all times.
Nice GA.

Not in,but thanks.
Hi I am in

one thing that really makes me happy to be honest is Christmas time. I cant really explain it but there is something about it if you know what I mean, (and I don't mean Christmas day with the presents)
I'm in!
What makes me happy is spendind the holidays with my entire family.
I'm in!

One thing that makes me happy is to sit in a comfortable chair near a warm fire while I read a good book, especially when I can see it snowing outside.