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Thanks for the giveaway bro.

My choice is STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ - I would actually like to get it for my sister who is a Star Wars fan, and really enjoys RPG games.

Thanks again and +1
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

I remember playing demo of this game from CD-Action many years ago, I really liked it back then and I wonder if it aged well.
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Ian: EDIT - not entering, there are peeps that cannot afford as you rightly said :D ...
You do realise I made an exception for you and xyem? Why not enter for one of the other games then? My recommendation: Cultures, a very fun strategy game, which apperently everybody already owns, or nobody is interested in. Btw.: this one would have been my pick, hands down ;)
Awesome giveaway, thanks! +1

Like many others I'd be interested in The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav!
In for Resonance. First of all the plot intrigues me.The memory system sounds pretty interesting too and to top it off I'm a sucker for good pixel art. Judging from the Blackwell games it's going to be a mighty fine experience.

Thanks for the giveaway and +1.
Ian: EDIT - not entering, there are peeps that cannot afford as you rightly said :D ...
I did realise that thank you K_1269 :D however I can't take away the chance of another person benefiting from your generosity - also knowing that I am giving back a chance for some1 else makes me happy :D

Thank you again for making peeps happy :D

(have go bed now, work 1st thing :( lol)
Game: The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

Reason: Because I like fantasy adventure game and the art look amazing.

Thank you for the giveaway! :)
Very generous. +1 for the giveaway. Not entering, though I am tempted by Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (GOG).
Thanks, I will enter for The Bard's Tale because it looks like a bit of light-hearted fun.
STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ I

played it way back on xbox and really liked the game. I would love to relive the memories but I dont own it any more.
I am not sure if I am able to participate or not, but I would like to share why I love old games.

When I was a kid, I remember getting my hands on my first C64 and Atari, which was tough to get since back in Poland we were still de facto under communism regime. I would go to my friend with tapes or a shop that have video games and we would just copy from each other (almost 0 legal games on the market at that time or if they were, nobody would afford them)

I remember the anticipation of getting my hands on titles, going home, working with screwdriver to smooth my tape reader for C64 and waiting 5-15 min to run the game. My imagination worked to the limit.

Communism was lifted, I got my Amiga 500 and this was a time which I remember the most. I remember a friend coming to my house at 9-10am and stayed till 2-3 am just to play Settlers (i had no save option) and when alone, games like Lemmings, Theme Park, Super Frog. For quick games, I would launch Pang, Cannon Folder or Sensible World of Soccer and often the quick game became long time going :). I still remember how I often had to switch with mom because she wanted to watch some stupid (at least for me) Venezuela telenovels, and I ended up watching them as well so I can get back to my Amiga right away.

Few years later, I got my first PC, and few years after - access to internet. Countless games, but also online participation started to coming along. I made a website called 'Raj Gracza' that hosted old (10+ years old) games (I still have my original review of Centurion) and I often came to online chat where I met some great people and I ended up with being admin for CD Project for the game Airline Tycoon. I wrote reviews, helped the fan page increase and got myself a cool email address: (or .pl I really forgot). bruno was my nickname back then.

After all this, I had to move to USA, so I stop helping CDP and left hosting my game site, but I never stopped being hardcore gamer.

Today I have PC which I often build myself, Xbox 360, I had Wii (ended up selling cause it was JP version and I couldn't understand anything) and some handheld devices. Today, I play original old games and new as well. Both are extremely well done. I have few gems at home, like original Civilization 1 CD with all art box (the game was released well before CD became mainstream) and I have a lot of floppy that I already backup and to keep for nostalgic reason. I love GOG, unfortunately do not shop here that much because I am too busy with my work, but I still spend a lot of time on games. This Holiday season I will catch up with my collection here.

And my work? Yes, you guessed it right - it is gaming related. Professional Gear for Gamers - Tesoro.

If I have chance to win any giveaway, I am happy with any game. Those are all great games and once anyone get dig in into one - they will hook you up for a long time. If I cannot participate, it is okay too - I hope someone else can enjoy those great titles and can share some gaming history that they have.
I would like to enter for The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav because I am an avid point-and-click adventure game fanatic and I have read many reviews on the game (mixed, yet fair) which have convinced me that despite the flaws of the game, I would enjoy it greatly. The setting of the game is intriguing, being based on the German pen-and-paper role-playing game "Das Schwarze Auge". I have never had the chance to play the original role-playing game, but I have always had an eye on it.

At the moment, I have completed every single adventure game I own, and my abstract puzzling brain is itching to leap at new challenges. I know that I would enjoy this game greatly, for its setting, for its visual style and for its genre. I have also exhausted all my money this month, meaning that I am currently living off potatoes, onions, peas and porridge (literally), and hoping that I can pay for rent and medical bills next month.

Thank you for the giveaway, K_1269, and may the luckiest contestant(s) win! :D
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STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ I

I started playing Star Wars way back on the 5200, and played most of the star Wars games, KotOR is one of the few I haven't played. Getting this would fix that gap in my education. :D
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood. I really like strategy games, although I haven't played a wide variety of them. I absolutely love RPGs as well, and a good story, and though I'm not sure this game really has rpg elements, I still think I would like it.
terdiva: I am not sure if I am able to participate or not, but I would like to share why I love old games.
Thank you very much for sharing your story Maciej!

I would love to enter you in the giveaway because of it, but it would not seem fair to do so considering others that did not fullfill the requirements and therefore might have turned away, even through they would have liked to enter.

However, as there are still no entries for Cultures (very suprised by it!) and you did mention several strategy games including the Settlers, I could enter you for this game if no one that does fulfill the requirements comes along. Please let me know if you would be interested in that option.