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The ending for the 1939 release "Of Mice and Men" drove me to tears. Even now, seeing that scene again between George and Lenny up to the end, I can't seem to keep myself from crying.

I know it says a $10 GOG game but what if its two games that still equal out to $10 at the end? like say these two for example?
-Empire Earth: Gold Edition for $3.99 (
-Clive Barker's Undying for $5.99 (

Edit: Forgot to say that I'm in, so there, I said it :3
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I'm in for the $10 GOG game. However, I'm a little weird in what makes me cry... I cry to inspiring speeches the most, you see, the ones that give me goosebumps. They make me cry more often than things that are meant to be sad. :(

EDIT: I... I forgot about this one, probably because it made me bawl more than anything else and I repressed it.

Use caution.
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I tried to find the last scene of the last episode of Monk, but I could only find this really low quality version. I also found the song that played during the scene, so I guess you could mentally combine the two.

I'd like to enter for Psychonauts, please. Thanks for this giveaway!
Thanks,I'm in for the Clive Barker's Undying (5.99$ GOG game) :)

From 26:20
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Thanks, im in for some gog goodies!

This makes me cry all the time ;D
I'm in for the 10$ GoG. ... probably the only thing :3
Well, I've never cried at a youtube video so I'm not in, but thanks for the giveaway anyway and +1!
I didn't really cry at it but it sure got me moved emotional ;) I'm in for 10$ GoG.
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Nice idea, and thanks for the giveaway. +1

I'd like to enter for a $10 GOG, Thief™ Gold, please.

The first time I watched this movie, I couldn't help but let one manly tear slide down my face, followed by a sea of others. Having loved and lost a dog myself, it hit me right in the old ticker. I still cry almost everytime I watch it.
I'm going to be a bit unorthodox here and enter a flash game, Company of Myself. If you've got 30-45 minutes to kill and you're unfamiliar with it, give it a shot. It's got quite a touching story to it. Just so this is a valid entry, here's a Let's Play. Despite the massive watermark in the middle of the screen, it was the only one I could find that showed off all of the story and didn't have any inane commentary.

Actually, that Let's Play leaves out the last little tidbit of story. Whelp, that's standards for you.

Oh, and I'm in for Lone Survivor.
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I'm in for a GOG game.

This one made me cry when I saw it on TV for the first time:
Great idea for a giveaway!
I really like this scene, even more so because I have a brother and I have trained in kickboxing, so I know how hard sports like these are.
In for 10$ GoG.
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In for a GOG Game (Bard's Tale or System Shock 2). -> This is a classic, although I don't think it ever made me cry ^^
Drelmanes: snip
What if nothing ever made you cry? :(

In for Symphony, so I can incongruously turn it [EDIT: meaning the song] into a shoot-'em-up.
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