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I have Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Get Games Go) to give away. This time I won't be asking a question and give more people a chance to play.

I'll pick a random winner from anyone who post a funny image involved ninjas, assassins or something similar. (or AssCreed related, of course).

EDIT: winner gets decided at 9am CET (12 hours from now more or less)
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Here's who I learned my 1337 ninja skills from:


Thanks for the giveaway Red_Avatar. :)
Ooooh want.
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Thanks for the generosity.

Here's my entry
Because I love VGCats Also, thanks. :)

Here is another pic
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Nice giveaway; thanks! :)
Never heard of Get Games, but I haven't played ACRevelations and ACIII yet, so I'm in :P
ninja.jpg (62 Kb)
Thanks for all the funny pics :) I'll use a random number calculator to choose the winner by the way. 10 hours to go!
Thank you sir
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Here's a puppy ninja!!!
I would enter but im not at home and this phone sucks.+1 for the giveaway
A room full of Assassin's Creed: Relevations games:

No wait, I was joking! Here's my real entry for the contest. Not the best effort, to be honest.

PS: I'd vote for the ninja turtles. So cute :)
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