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It's still unclear how much Gearbox was involved with Aliens. Too lazy to find a source, but a (unconfirmed) Gearbox employee said that Timegate was responsible for like 80% of the campaign of Aliens, while Gearbox was trying to focus on finishing and polishing BL2. And Demiurge and Nerve fit in there somewhere.

No one really knows who made that game...
It will be a Duke Nuker Forever mod :D
Like Alien Colonial Marines :D
Hmm, so great? Now they can bring Homeworlds to GOG and some other developer can use the saved cash to actually make a good new Homeworldish game.
Well, in any case I came across the Yes song used in Homeworld. Very good.!
I think whether or not them being down with the Homeworld series on GOG will be the litmus test.
I seriously dont know how Gearbox will be able to do a new homeworld (themsevles) they are fps veterans.Nothing shows me they can do RTS and judging from watching opinions & reading comments elsewhere a lot of people doubt it as well. So what will they do?.
Gearbox lends Homeworld IP to spiritual successor Hardware: Shipbreakers developer:

looks like gearcrap is really trying to fix own image after acm disaster
They definitely bought themselves a helluva work since Homeworld franchise kicks ass big time.. They have the money for it, whether they have smarts, we'll just have to wait and see :)