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My peeps, I'm attempting/working to put together a good GOGMix of where to find game soundtracks that are not available here on GOG. When you get a chance, please post links to the best quality, most complete soundtracks that are at least semi-legal (like in the sense music on YouTube is semi-legal, I suppose). Basically, links to the best stuff that won't get the GOG staff upset.

I only have 5 games thus far, but obviously that list will expand. (I think using tinyURL to shorten the YouTube playlists is pretty tacky, but for some games I don't know where to find good downloads.)

GOG staff, if there are some links I've posted that you aren't comfortable with, please let me know. Obviously I don't want to link to full playable game rips (which is why I avoided, but I would like to help those out that enjoy the in-game music and just want to be able to listen to it outside the game.

Please assist and critique when you get a chance.
I found the Dungeon Keeper (1) music on here, but I get the feeling I shouldn't link to this b/c there are so many other OSTs available:!603 (although it does have a lot of the OSTs for GOG games)

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Okay, one last bump before I go to bed. I'm honestly surprised that no one is interested in this, but maybe it just isn't that important. (thanks to Google and what not)