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I want to start a thread about games that most of us probably never heard of or have completely forgotten about and was never popular enough to be released on GOG. I still wouldn't mind trying out some of these long forgotten dead games. Maybe they will be released in an indie bundle at some point. Please add to the list and help resurrect memories of these games.

I will start with these games:

Shadow Vault
Descent to Undermountain
Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
Disciples of Steel
Alien Logic
Metal Marines
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Descent to Undermountain was quite... famous. ;)
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Space Dude :((
Dark Earth was pretty good. :)
I can't name any. I never heard of them. :-(

A strategiegame where you play with a pig army against rabbits.
Soldiers of Anarchy (with the patch).

I don't know how this game flies under the radar. It is so much damn fun and not too complex.
Heretic777: Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
I like this one, it's like a cheesy action movie. At least Atari is still selling it from their digital store:

As for my list:
Boiling Point: Road to Hell
The Precursors
Excelsior: Phase One and Two
Lethal Tender and Terminal Terror
The Wonderful End of the World
Red Ace Squadron Pro
Escape Velocity: Nova
Centurion: Defender of Rome
Distant Worlds
I wouldn't mind Birthright! I still have the cd somewhere...
Rage of Mages I and II
Though i would love it, when it's sequel, Evil Islands, would be released here. That game is the only one in this series with a manageable difficulty...
Hard Nova
Spaceship Warlock
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Ganja Farmer.
The Psychotron
It's the only game I own that nobody else has ever heard of. With good reason, honestly, because it's a pretty terrible FMV adventure-type game about some plot to conquer the world with mind control or some such silliness.
Risky Woods