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Submarine Titans

Developers of the game were heavily influenced by Starcraft, there is no doubt about it, but it is a pretty decent RTS anyway. It has a few worth mentioning features: there were 5 depth levels so your submarines were able to move in all x,y,z directions. More importantly, whenever they were attacked they tried to dodge the enemy torpedo/plazma blast/sonic wave by changing the depth level. It really influenced the gameplay - a big cluster of submarines was pretty easy to hit: even if one submarine managed to avoid the torpedo it may hit another unit. And of course the submarine cannot dodge if there are other submarines above and below it. Two or three light submarines could easily destroy a turret without getting hit even once ! I haven't seen stuff like that in other RTS games from this ere.

You can vote for the game here
drennan: Ganja Farmer.
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The Clue! (no, not the board game)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (people have probably heard about the novel, but not the game)
Wooden Ships and Iron Men

I'm hoping some of these will show up on GOG, but I'm not optimistic.