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Beautiful Katamari seriously messed with my head. I now spend long hours rolling up balls of string whilst singing along to j-pop tunes.
I rememeber one of those old Panansonic disc games. It was a click and point adventure in a dark castle and you have to solve creepy riddles. It's one of the games with real life cutscenes, I don't remember the title, sorry.
But the game was creeping me already. For one the several rooms, then the cutscenes and lastly whenever you solved a riddle, a picture of the castle appeared and turned crimson red with an angry shout or so I remember. It was fucking creepy for my time.
Here's also a list of mindfuck games:
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I recently began playing this game called Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer. It very much messes with your head.

WARNING: This game involves such horrible things as abduction, manipulation, torture, rape, murder, and other vile human acts. Don't let the rudimentary graphics fool you. This game is no kid's stuff and is seriously disturbing.

So why am I posting about a game so horrible? Because despite being completely offensive, disgusting, and immoral, the game is also incredibly well written. It explores the psyches of its characters with a fearless depth that few videogames ever do. It takes chances. It's dangerous. It's evocative. And yes, part of what I like about it is the very fact that it is so disturbing, simply because it is so very good at being disturbing.

In Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer you are part of a secret society of sadists that kidnap people and bring them into their homemade dungeons to videotape the torture and murder of their unwilling victims. They then upload their videos to a website and exchange reviews of one another's snuff films, well if the person dies that is. The ultimate goal for these sadists is not actually to kill their victims, but to break them down physically and emotionally to the point that their lives are forever haunted and destroyed, so that when they survive the dungeon there is still no hope, they rest forever on the verge of madness, and only wish they were dead. This is when they have made what the dungeoneers call a "beautiful escape."
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Dragon Age 2 messed with my mind. The game made me really hate mages for awhile... I would say more but I don't want to spoil the game for people who have not played it yet.
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