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I know i played a demo maybe 10years ago and the game itself is old( it suppose to be here :P )
The title was acolyte or akolyte i cant remember correctly.
Too bad i dont remember much except it was a very cool demo, action fps/3rd person medieval game where character had magic skills and stuff :P ( something similar to crusaders of might and magic, or revenant or die by the sword )
Tried searching biggest gaming websites(gamespot and gog's voting page(games you would like to see) and also google :)
To my surprise i havent found ANY info as if the game not existed.Maybe the title acolyte or akolyte is wrong but im certain it has to be similar.
Does anyone remembers it ? :)
A google search for "Acolyte, videogame" or some variation thereof just turns up a lot of references to the "Acolyte" class used in several different MMORPGs. You're going to have to provide more information if you want to find anything or refresh my memory.
hmm, i know i have read about that game in pc game magazine... i had many pc game magazines, but i recall there was tiberian sun, die by the sword, revenance games at that time.(at the same magazine)
So it had to be 98-99 year if im not mistaken.
Later, few years ago i had a chance to play demo.And i as much impressed as playing crusaders of might and magic.
Maybe i can be easily impressed :)
P.S. yeah i know the google doesnt make sense.And no game review websites has such title.
Managed to find this. Looks like it was being ported to the Dreamcast but was cancelled.
yeah indeed this one.How did u managed to find this. heh nice find.
Still maybe it was cancelled for dreamcast but for pc it was released i guess.How else i could play demo.
well maybe that was other similar genre game i played as demo.
p.s. its sad it got cancelled for dreamcast(pc also? :D )
Post edited November 01, 2009 by ambient_orange
It seems the game had a very limited release on the PC which explains the difficulty you are having in finding it.