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Does anyone know of any good, accessible alternatives to Game Ranger? Due to where I live, I'm pretty much forced to run my internet off a 3G sim/modem, which makes the port forwarding and firewall unblocking needed for GameRanger almost impossible.

I've tried everything I can think of, and obviously already allowed GameRanger access through the Window's firewall, but when I try to connect to a game (or host) it always says there is a firewall blocking it.

Any suggestions to either solve the issue, or find an alternative service would be much appreciated.
I don't know about GameRanger but 3G modems shouldn't have a hardware firewall as they're working like a dial-up connection and can be pinged by everyone. Problem is the software I guess. GameRanger or Windows / another 3rd party soft firewall.
GameRanger is 3rd party client to play games with multiplayer match-up and such?
I don't know about your problems but I used Xfire for sometime. While I decided i didn't need it since I don't play many multiplayer games it seemed like a decent choice for those who might.
Xfire doesn't have a P2P matchmaking feature as far as I know, it only lists active dedicated servers.

Virtual LAN software like Tunngle or Hamachi might be the best alternatives.
grynn: Xfire doesn't have a P2P matchmaking feature
My bad. Like I said I don't really play multiplayer games.
Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try it out when I get home from work.

As I said, I've already allowed GameRanger and everything associated with gog through the firewall, so I'm at a loss as to what to try with it.

I'll give the alternatives a look.
Heh. Gameranger was the best alternative for me when Hamachi and Tunngle didn't work. It was a hell of a party trying to get Hamachi and Tunngle to work, but Gameranger was almost painless. Didn't even need to port forward.

Which means to say I don't have a solution for you, bud D: What are you trying to host?
At the moment I'm just trying to play Stronghold with my friend. We both got it on GOG, he has no problems hosting/joining games, but every time i try to join or host a game, it tells me there is a firewall preventing it. I don't want to simply turn off the entire firewall, but I've already added all the relevant programs to the firewall exceptions list.

I already checked the stronghold forum here (which is where I found out about game ranger), but I couldn't find an answer to this specific issue.

Thanks for the effort in trying to help, it's appreciated even if it doesn't work :D