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Thanks for the giveaway mate!

My choices:

Gemini Rue
To The Moon
Fictionvision: So I just bought the 5 for $10 deal and couldn't figure out what to put in my 5th slot. So I got another copy of a game I already had on GOG to giveaway.

If you want to enter, post a message with 3 games from the promo in them. Everyone that has the correct game I bought an extra of in their lists will be entered. I will close the giveaway sometime between 10pm and midnight EST tomorrow. After that I will check and do a of the correct user names.

To enter you need to either have been registered by October 2012 and have at least 2 rep, or at least 10 rep if you registered in November 2012.

Feel free to bump this if you wish. Good luck all.
This is an awesome idea, and a +1 to you for that. Just wanted to give you kudos for the idea as well as inform you that I'm going to steal it. I can't find a fifth game I want that I don't already own, so I'm going to do the same thing. New giveaway thread incoming...

*edit* Hmmm, not sure how this works now. I can't buy the order for myself and just gift the one game it seems. Looks like I have to gift the entire order. Anyone know if this is the case? Please toss me a PM so we don't clutter up Fictionvision's awesome giveaway thread.

*edit 2* Thanks Cowboybebop, Azilut, and Fictionvision for walking me through the procedure. I now have four new games in my already-groaning-from-the-strain backlog, and one game to give away. Yay!
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PM sent to Coelocanth.

I'm gonna guess:
1. Uplink
2. Defcon
3. The Ball

Thanks for the giveaway!

To The Moon
- Gemini Rue
- Geneforge 1-5
- Resonance

Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm in! ^^


Thanks for the giveaway. +1
I'm in. Thanks and +1!

- Resonance
- Blackwell Bundle
- Torchlight
Geneforge 1-5
mutant mudds

(the main three I'd like)
thanks for the giveaway! hm il guess based on games i want...
blackwell bundle
gemini rue
Geneforge 1-5
The Ball

Thanks for the giveaway!

Great idea for a giveaway!
Perhaps one of these:

Blackwell Bundle
Mutant Mudds
Im in

- To The Moon
- Gemini Rue
- Botanicula

Thanks for the giveaway!
-Geneforge 1-5
-Mutant Mudds

Also, +1 to you!
1. Torchlight
2. Gemini Rue
3. To The Moon

Thank you, Fictionvision!