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Brasas: Heh
Hey! That's my line! ;)
JMich, you need help with flavor. I like flavor. I'm curious about assistant modding, actually. Part of me really wants to PLAY your game, part of me wants to get some mod. experience under my belt before my game and I figure your setup will be TIGHT sooo, I'm on the fence if I want to play or assist mod. it for various reasons. I'm thinking 2 assistant moddings before I host my game, and not sure who to choose!

It's a slow time of year sooo...yeah...okay...I'll do it! If you'll have me, JMich.
Dessimu: Could you add me to the list please?
TheGOGfather: Done.
I keep reading about that list thingy. I'm starting to get the feeling I need to be present on that list thingy, as well.