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So I searched and it wasn't on the search list so I figured I'd start a thread on it:

Rules are as follows:

1) You must write a sentence to continue the story.
2) You may not end the story.
3) You can be as random as you want.
4) You can only write one sentence to continue the story.

I'll start :D

One day there was a man with a gun...
Little did he know that the gun was cursed and he would die upon using it.
Jimmy kibbles, the cat next door knew this and began to tempt the man to use his gun...
But since the man was a professional killer, he resisted until he got a contratct.
But the cat was not: he was a ninja cat.
Trained by master ninjas from across the world; he had infiltrated this quiet suburb with the sole purpose of leading the man next door - a dangerous and wanted contract killer - to his self-destruction.
But even the most awesome Ninja cat can make a mistake...
he not took into account one small detail:
The man... was a were-cat.
A horrendous secret, the man successfully concealed - until now.
And, in addition, he wasn't an ordinary were-cat...
He was a pirate were-cat -- a fact he had a lot of difficulty trying to hide due to the peg leg and the permanent smell of grog and canned tuna lingering about him.
So, the peg legged threep "were-cat" wood went out on an adventure to find non-pirate booty.
Far too long he searched, at last he found one. Alas it was of a woman
In her day, she would have been a looker for sure, but now...