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ill play it super crazy pronto like if i received it...
im fascinated with this game & am super interested in getting a copy....
no lie...

thanks for the giveaway!
count me in and I agree to your terms good sir. Hell if you want I will even send a screen cap.
Post edited November 23, 2012 by DCT
Leroux: ...
Already preordered the physical edition, but +1 for your generosity.
Count me in to, hopefully, win.
Thanks for the giveaway.
I'm in. Love adventure games! Will definetly play on or soon after release.

Sure, why not?
I'm in.
I am in, if my rep is too low I'll understand though. Primordia looks pretty cool.
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Count me in. I'll have some time over the holidays, and I will fast forward this to the top of the list. And thanks!
I would love to join. I may try doing that lets play but since I'm in China it would not land on youtube but somewhere else.
Loyal adventurer reporting for duty...
Im in!
Count me in, thanks :)
Entering, eligible due to my extreme curiosity in this (and any) new game! I'll probably have time to play it at release too, sleep is overrated!
I think I would be able to adhere to your wishes if I win. Thanks for the giveaway +1