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Well, here it is, another giveaway in honor of the generous Starmaker! If you'd love to get a free copy of Primordia (pre-order, probably available on Dec 5), just post in this thread. The condition is that you're prepared to actually play it as soon as possible, instead of adding it to your backlog. But of course, I can't check, it's just a plea, based on honor system.

Only apply if you really mean to play it on release, please!

Well, I don't want anyone to force themselves to play it when they're not in the mood, I just ask that only those apply who are really excited or curious about it and would play it within a reasonable time frame instead of just collecting it. Christmas would be perfectly fine, too!

Congrats to Dzsono and thanks to everyone else for participating!
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not entering +1 :) and thanks for your generosity
I'll happily go along with that. Thank you for the giveaway :-)
Entering and agreeing to the conditions

If Lady Lucky shines on me, I will be happy to post screenshots of my playthrough with some comments
Backlog, what's that? Aren't games meant to be played through at the very instant they're bought?

So yes, I'm in, and I solemnly promise to play from start to finish as soon as possible. :)
entering as I managed to piece up 3 days during new years holidays during which I plan to play only adventure games and I have only resonance unfinished in my backlog :D
If it's an adventure game, I will gladly forget about my huge backlog. :D
Thanks for awesome giveaway. +1
The smaller the game (download size) the faster I play it, normally. Played Resonance immediatly after I bought it, and I'm also in my adventure phase again.
So of course I'm entering, and thank you for the giveaway.
Seems interesting but I probably wouldn't get to it right away so not entering. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
Not in, but +1 regardless.
If by ASAP you mean Christmas, then I'm in. If not, then I'm not.
Count me in. (I agree to your request, I'm a sucker for point-and-click adventures). Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Leroux! (as well as Starmaker!)

Also, a little promotion in the giveaways' listing thread:
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We accept your terms. Let us celebrate this agreement by the adding of chocolate to milk.
I can't promise that I'll play it right away, so I'm not in. While I absolutely love adventure games, I need to be in the right mood for them when I play them. Sometimes it will take me months before I get in the mood, and sometimes I'll plow through several AGs in a row.
Roman5: Entering and agreeing to the conditions

If Lady Lucky shines on me, I will be happy to post screenshots of my playthrough with some comments
Now that's a cool idea, whoever wins, do a let's play!
(not in, by the way. I'd love to as it looks really cool, but I suck at adventure games.)
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