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Not sure if it's been posted about already... so sorry if it is.
This forum is part of a website dedicated (mainly) to getting "real" widescreen in games. I don't know about you guys, but I hate it when I have to play a game all stretched out horizontally on a widescreen monitor because it doesn't naturally support widescreen resolutions or aspects.
Theres a little box a ways down on the left, "Forum Search", that will obviously search their forums for whatever you've typed in, all you need is the games name, and it will pop up with whatever results people have found for getting widescreen resolutions and aspects. I haven't tried to play really old games, but everything I've searched for has had a solution. I figure this is a pretty good reference since I'm pretty sure there's one or two games on here that officially support widescreen.
You will probably notice little tags right after the games title, that let you know what kind of widescreen that solution will allow.
[hack],[native],[reg],[ini] and the like tell you what kind of procedure the fix takes.
-[hack] is normally a patch or something you download and install into the game folder
-[native] means the game supports some form of widescreen officially
-[reg]&[ini] mean that you either slightly modify a configuration file in the game folder, or a -registry setting holding the Field of View or resolutions.
[hor+],[vert-],[pixel],[anamorphic] and [stretch] tells you what the game displays at a widescreen resolution.
-[hor+] means "Horizontal +", which expands your FOV, retaining a normal aspect with little or no stretching of objects in the game. This is generally the most desired widescreen fix.
-[vert-] means "Vertical -", which retains the same FOV as a 4:3(normal) resolution, while cutting off a tiny bit off the top and bottom of the screen. This is less desirable then [hor+], because while it correctly displays everything in widescreen, you lose a bit of your vertical "vision"
-[pixel] is "Pixel-based" which is only for 2d games, isometric or otherwise. The game will retain correct aspects, while displaying however many pixels you tell it to. This can give you both [hor+] and [vert-], all depending on the resolution you tell it to display at.
-[anamorphic] is... "Anamorphic widescreen". I notice a lot of console games do this now in the move into HD territory. Resident Evil 4, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Bionic Commando Rearmed come to mind, but I know there are a ton more, though I'm tired and can't think of any. If you've played these games on an SDTV, you notice it's normally displaying all of the widescreen elements, with black bars on the top and bottom, to give you the "letterbox" format movies are displayed in. RE4 probably does it on the PC as well, though I'm not sure, and I can't think of any PC games that do this.
-[stretch] isn't really desirable at all, and is only a solution if for some reason your widescreen monitor cannot display some older 4:3 resolutions, which as far I know, shouldn't really be a problem ever. The game will retain its 4:3 aspect, and just stretch them out to a widescreen resolution. This will cause game elements to look "fat" since they are literally being stretched out horizontally in the move from 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:10.
Hopefully this helps somebody and hopefully it hasn't been posted before...
I got a laptop and will essentially be with it tomorrow and the years to come... I've seen this link it some thread about widescreen resolutions in some games (mostly troubles).
This is a great site and I guess it should be mentionned in its own topic to avoid useless multi widescreen thread!
Thanks for pointing it out clearly :)
Yeah I visit all the time. I went there most recently for Shogo.
For dosbox games you'll have to choose between stretched horizontally or pillarboxing. Personally it's never really bothered me and I just use my native resolution w/ ddraw to stretch them out. Many really old games seem to be in widescreen anyway given their odd resolutions - we just stretched our monitors to make them 4:3. It's up to debate which is the "true" ratio for them.
Iäve also been visiting the place since I bought my widescreen LCD year ago. Nice place to look for solutions, hacks and even patches to make the games to play in widescreen.
Also there's a section for technical specs for different monitors.
Bumping in a more reasonable time....