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Some of you guys know that SDCC badge reg was yesterday. It is not surprising that lot of people are struggling to get the badges since the server crashed when people attempt to reg at 9 am, pacific time. All I can say that it was very chaotic time with some people able to get the badges and some were unable to get one because of the flaws in the system.

I'm sure that some of you guys know that I've been attending the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) since '05 and I considered it to be my home con. However, I haven't paid for my badge since SDCC '10 since infamous reg system for '11 failed spectacularly to the point where I had to get in via volunteering. I've been staffing SDCC recently just so I can get into SDCC since I can no longer tolerate the reg system anymore.

But the point of this post is that SDCC has change over the years and I dunno if it's for the best. You see, from SDCC '05 to '10, I was able to see the usual people whose always brighten up my day whenever I'm exhausted or down. I can always count on that gorgeous girl with green hair to cheer me up on Masquerade day. I can always count on that jazz guy to play few anime tunes for me on his saxophone. I always roam around the empty halls with Maple Story kids when the con closed for the day.

Nowadays, SDCC is full of tourists whose are only there to see major Hollywood/TV studios stuff, which results in insane longass lines. Few people from cosplay community whose are going to SDCC for first time this summer and you know what? I'm pretty happy for them but I wonder if they are able to enjoy it since it's not exactly small cons that they are accustomed to.

Yeah, I do feel very guilty that the usual people whose I used to hang out won't be there and I'll be there. I would love it if they can go every year so I can hang out with them during day and when con closed. The cosplayers are no longer allowed to hang out outside Ballroom 20, which kills whole vibe for me.

I went to multiple different cons just so I can find those usual people but with mixed results. I've been able to find that jazz guy at various cons but no luck of that beautiful girl with green hair, le sigh.

For those with short attention span, here's the short version. SDCC has change a lot to the point where I no longer see the usual people anymore. Thus, I feel very guilty that I'm going to SDCC and not seeing those people anymore.

Here's couple of my favorite pictures from SDCC. Both are from SDCC '08.

Me with Jazz dude.

Me with Maple Story girl whose I used to roaming with after con closed.

Now, I would like to end this post on bit happier note. If anyone want me to pick up the exclusive from SDCC this summer, please let me know and I'm more than happy to do it for you. I've always done this every year for my good friends.

If you guys want to hear any interesting stories from SDCC, please let me know and I'm more than happy to tell you quite few ones. :DDD
I've always wanted to go, I'm sad to hear it's slowly morphing into ass...