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I am drunk
On vodkaaa!
Whats your favorite drink??
alcomoholic drink that is
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Vodka is exquisite, also Rum.
In all seriousness: Water.
I don't drink alcohol.
sailor jerry's son! that's how i roll on a college budget.
i love the smell, too. vanilla is delicious.
EDIT: and why are you posting on the gog forums if you are drunk?! i mean, the gog forums are pretty cool but i dont usually try to bring the party here....
EDIT #2: Most vodka tastes like ass.
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Ois: Water.
In all seriousness: Water.
I don't drink alcohol.

Yeah same for me but I go a bit mad too and drink diet pepsi as well
captfitz: EDIT #2: Most vodka tastes like ass.

How many asses have you tasted to form the basis for this comparison?
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Mix vodka and OJ and you have one fine drink! Less chance of a hangover due to the fact you are getting your vitamin C along with your vitamin V....
A half glass of fresh orange juice with pulp combined with a half glass of good fizzy lemonade is a kick arse combo
Liquor: Whiskey, straight up.
Beer: Most any kind of Belgian beer, although I have a particular weakness for darker Trappist or abbey ales.
Wine: I love a good California Chardonnay (particularly from the Monterey or Russian River Valley regions), although I also can go for a nice Cabernet to go with red meat.
Most common drink: some sort of diet coke, or milk, or water, not really sure (all fairly common).
Favourite... that's a tough one, though ice cold baileys is high up on the list. A cold beer is nice from time to time as well, depending on the variety and the (I'm not much of a connoisseur).
Wine... um, no, it'll be a long while before I touch any of that stuff, sparkling or otherwise.
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Yoo Hoo
Overall: water.
Alcoholic: Black Russian.
I'm not a heavy drinker. In fact, a glass of beer usually gets my blood going very fast. However, I do enjoy a good drink every now and then. Coke and any liquor goes well, imo. Also, Bailey's is great with almost any dairy product (chocolate milk + Bailey's + ice cream = win)
Has anyone here tried a graveyard or Jager's bomb? What's your opinion on it? My friends have been telling me Graveyards are sick. I have the feeling one shot of it is enough to give me a hang over for 2 days
I don't drink alcohol as well... Favourite drink? Mint tea. Seriously, I LOVE mint tea.
Liquid bread: beer
I love a good Pisswasser.