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Ive played this game AGES ago and i really loved it back then..and id really like to see it brought back to life and would love to see GOG work their magic with this Good Old Game
Its got 53 votes so far on the wishlist. I remember playing it a few years ago. Nice game

edit...its actually on the wishlist three times
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I liked the crafting system in this game. You could break down equipment to get the blueprints (or find/buy blueprints), and build a version with better materials. Spells could be deconstructed and modified to improve or balance the effect / range / mana requirements the way you wished (within limits).

I remember on the second island getting as far as I could go with basic equipment, until sneaking and/or tactics would no longer let me defeat remaining opponents. I headed back to the town and upgraded my characters, equipment and spells, and the opponents were no longer an issue (for example, I doubled the power of the mage's lightning spell and cut the mana requirements in half, so quadrupled his DPS).
I enjoyed this game back then. Although the characters were not particulary memorable, combat was fun and the graphic engine was awesome for its time. At the time most 3D games were blocky and ugly, but Evil Islands managed to be colourful and look great.
When I saw the thread title I thought this was gonna be a rant about Cuba and other island rogue states. It's not a game about Cuba, is it?
This really is still one of the Best RPG-s ever made..despite all its faults but hey its an old game and back then the focus on rpgs wasn't as high as today so funding was spliced for the most part as well as the technology and its disposal to the creators.

id really like to play this game again because its making me nostalgic just thinking about it, for an old game as far as i remember it had a surprising amount of content and diversity in weapons, armors and enemies as well as areas and no two islands were the same
Actually I remember being seriously pissed with this one because I got to a point (pretty close to the ending, if I recall correctly) where some idiotic bug kept crashing my game. I never finished it, and I didn't think of it again till now.

The crafting system did look pretty neat, though.