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StingingVelvet: Yay I can't wait to not buy these games I already own elsewhere and which have been DRM free since their release.

GOG should focus on stuff that isn't already widely available and DRM free.
keeveek: They should realize that stalling with releasing some games that are widely avaible, for pocket money, is their fault, and releasing a game after everybody bought it is not the smartest thing on earth.
GOG is a pretty large distributor, now. There will be people who've never seen the game before, or at least never on sale, and will want to get it. Also, the cost to GOG and Basilisk of getting these games sold here is quite low. It's not like doing this is what's preventing them from getting LucasArts.

But I'm sure all the business tips, from people who don't make millions with their own popular companies, are appropriately appreciated.