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$27k! Congrats Chris! Now make an awesome game ;)
lowyhong: $27k! Congrats Chris! Now make an awesome game ;)
Thank you! You've got it - deal!
New update:
Now that the Kickstarter is over - it's time to keep moving ahead! I'm pursuing Dysis distribution through several channels, first and foremost: Steam Greenlight. I will also be looking into DRM-free channels (and I promise there will be at least one - I'm looking at GOG, and Humble Store right now, if you have suggestions/comments - let me know!), but with Steam Greenlight, our community has the opportunity to get a lot bigger! That means more support, and my ability to get even more resources behind Dysis. Because of that - I urge you to help support our Greenlight campaign - even if you aren't a fan of Steam. Since it's free to do so - make sure to tell all your friends too! You can vote here:

My current plan of distribution is to allow all people who have pledged to have access either to DRM-free copies or Steam keys of Dysis (this will be completely your individual choice) - I will keep you updated on all developments here.
Hell yeah this is how PR is done! :brofist:
Hey thanks so much! :D

I think people need to get what they want - ESPECIALLY if they are paying for it. DRM-free? Absolutely - Steam? If I can do it I will! Definitely pursuing all available venues, plus I have PayPal buttons on my site right now in case anyone missed out on the Kickstarter. Same reward tiers - and I will be amending the total that I get there to reach the Kickstarter stretch goals.

I'll be adding more detail on the site (as far as what exactly the rewards are, details, and my plans going forward - a lot of the stuff that I have mentioned on the KS, but just haven't had the time to move over there yet).

Thanks for your support!