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Let's do the time warp again*!

Welcome to our DRM-Free Time Machine Sale! Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a fascinating ride to the early days of PC gaming and back again, with 30 excellent titles selected from the years 1983-2013, available up to 90% off (that is for as little as $0.59!). You'll find amazing games in amazing prices featured one by one on main page, and before the sale is done you'll be able to complete your very own display of gaming history on a budget below $65 (because this would be the cost to get every single game in the sale). Are you ready?

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There's more than just buying games incredibly cheap to our DRM-Free Time Machine Sale! We're ready to pass its steering wheel (or rather the control console) to YOU. Each game in the sale is offered for a limited time only, and how long we stay in its year is up to you! Each time you see a new game on sale you can vote to either add or subtract 1 second from the timer. Each time you buy a game, you add 3 seconds to the time of it being on sale. We begin with 1983's Zork, bundled with the rest of the Zork Anthology of 6 games in total, for only $1.79. How long will it last on the front page? You'll be the judge. What comes next, as the game of 1984? Let's find out!

Let's take a trip in's DRM-Free Time Machine Sale! 30 great games from 1983-2013 will be available up to 90% off, and you get to decide how long each game is on sale. Ready? The technomagical gateway to 1983 opens NOW!

* "Again?", you might ask, "when did they ever do the time warp?". Well, once you embark on a journey through time, all becomes relevant and there's absolutely no guarantee that what you are doing, you are doing for the first time. In fact, that's highly improbable. After all, time isn't linear. It's more like a giant wobbly-bobbly goggy-boggy ball of gaming awesome!
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Silverhawk170485: Can anyone tell me what sense an upvote makes, without buying the game? I mean the people who are interested in the game buy it and upvote it automatically. All other people are waiting for the next game in sale. So upvoting it for 1 second is just trolling by artificially stretching the waitingtime until the next game will show up.
gamefood: No, Sir, not only. I would say its also a possibility to honour a great game for those who have it already AND/OR
give others more time to buy it.

Well, that and I didn't want the only "positive" interaction with a game's duration to cost money, since that seems a bit shady to me.
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G-Doc: Sorry, Triock, but your Keane was in another promo ;-)
Shadowcat: Is that a very-appropriate Braid reference? :)
G-Doc: No.
Ghorpm: My first though was this
Malek86: Well, I got Crusader, so I feel like I did my part in this sale :O now if maybe there were something else, that would be nice too... Realmyst or POD would be great.
stg83: Do you have any remorse regarding your decision?:P
Speaking of No Remorse...
brunosiffredi: So Deus EX is Jack Keane 2 in reverse?
Nope. 2 Enaek Kcaj is Jack Keane 2 in reverse. -_o
shadowbaneaxe: I don't think we have to worry about a complete lack of movement on the time machine.

If the staff notices that someone is trolling by constantly clicking +1, they can just manually set the time back a bit to make sure the same game doesn't stay up there forever. And it's much less effort for them than for the trolls.

Still, DX is most likely getting most of these boosts from sales, not +1 vote spammage.
I can guarantee it's actual sales keeping the timer the way it is :)
wrathsinger: Thief 3. Are we to expect JusasIscariot dropping in to say how good this game is?
Well, it was fun just walking about the city randomly pickpocketing people, breaking into houses, and just goofing off between missions. But they took away mah rope arrows! >:(
ngageman: Is there a good soul with additional Serious Sam right there...
Because it's 10:30 in the morning :D

Have some coffee :)
Vincentdante: Curse my feeble human body I keep sleeping through the best deals
Someone hasn't been augmented yet, I see :)
JustSayin: So what exactly is the problem? They could add at what, another 4 minutes by hitting +1? Or they are adding 3 seconds. You know why there are three seconds added? People are buying the games. More money for GOG equals better stuff for everyone.
Soccorro: Yep,as much as I love and JudasIscariot, is still a company trying to make profit. They are no saints, just people with a good idea.
We believe one can make a profit without being all corporate about it :)

(also, thank you for the kind words :P )