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I'm having troubles getting games to start on dos box on my mac. I'm trying to play Super Frog so I can do some recording and it wont open to DosBox by clicking on it and I can't get the setup file to run through DosBox. Is there any way to get this to run?
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What you always can do, is running all applications from within DOSBox. Just install it on your Mac and add the games to the dedicated DOSBox folder. Here's a good guide to get started:
I've read that. I know how to use DosBox. I can't open the Setup.exe GOG provides. I moved the entire thing into my classic games folder I normally use and I can't open it that way either getting a message saying I need windows32.
Since GOG doesn't have a Mac version of Superfrog (yet), what you can do is, download and install Wineskin and all necessary files, and run the installation file through that, then copy the installed data wherever you want.
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Thanks I'll give that a try
Mursa: Thanks I'll give that a try
Actually, you're probably going to be better off with innoextract, which should let you directly extract all the files so that you can then just move them over into a DosBox/Boxer folder of your own. ;)
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Forget DOSBox, their programing is great, but their user experience is lackluster to say the least. Go for Boxer instead, it uses DOSBox for the emulation, but everything else is as Mac-like as it gets.

Boxer has no built-in recording feature, but you don't need one. OS X comes with QuickTime Player, it can record what's going on on your screen. You can also trim the beginnign and end of the video and for more advanced editing go to iMovie (also included with every Mac). There are commercial screen recording solutions with built in video editors if you need something more professional, but but starters the QuickTime Player + iMovie combo should be more than enough.

To get a GoG game into Boxer first get the game files. You can either install the GoG installer on a Windows machine or ose Wineskin to create a wrapper and install it in there. Get the folder with the game files and drag&drop it onto Boxer's icon, Boxer will recognize the DOSBox setting from GoG and set everything up properly. You can then throw the Windows stuff (or the wrapper) away.
Thanks for the advice, and the mac promo commercial there. Actually I found quick time to be terrible for screen recording, it just lags almost on everything. I use iShowU Its pretty good, my mac still lags it a little on many things especially some what newer games like dusties revenge and some flash stuff, but dosbox and other old games record great.