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Rondel: Pushing onwards!
LordKuruku: Why?
I changed my mind.
Post edited June 02, 2011 by Rondel
Rondel: Pushing onwards!

How will Vagabond look like today, during GOG presentation?

First person with correct answer gets VVVVV from Steam OR PPPPP (VVVVV soundtrack, digital version of course :P).

Master of Orion 3, Empire Earth 3, Simon the Sorcerer 3 - What do those games have in common?\

First person with correct answer to this question gets one of those games for free!

PS. Sorry for making a little contest in your contests thread, but it is closed and I don't want to spam on the forum.
They are all the third in a series. Or, they are all crap games from what I have heard.
Post edited June 02, 2011 by enterprise2004
lol wish i had won vvvvvv, i guess i will settle for the big news gog has later
Well, that was random. But thanks!