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Hey guys, I noticed a few people were asking for Arcanum in the gifting thread, so I decided that I would get a few copies and do a giveaway.

There's not gonna be anything special to do to get them, just post that you want one and after a sufficiently arbitrary amount of time has passed, I will choose two lucky winners. You are free to do with the codes as you wish once you get them, as long as they go to someone in this wonderful community. So yes, being "in" for someone else is permissible.

EDIT: I will choose a winner at either 6pm CST or whenever I back from getting food, whichever happens last.
Post edited March 24, 2013 by X3R022
Not in as you already gifted me this. Thx once again and this generosity deserves +1 from all
Not in but +1.
Nice to see that new members like you get into the forums with no problems not to mention the copies of Arcanum you already gave away. Thank you for your kindness ;)
Not in, but +1 for a great give away!
im in, thanks for generosity
Not in but thanks for the giveaway.
'm in. thanks for the giveaway. +1
Not in, as you were already kind enough to gift me a copy!

+1 for your generosity. :)
I was planning on getting Arcanum during the Xmas sale and now I'm wondering why I didn't. Was it not on sale? Maybe I didn't because I got the big D&D bundle? I have no idea, but your offer is very generous and I'd like to be in, if I may. Thank you and +1. =D
Ok, I'm in, thanks and +rep.
You really rock man. :D
In then, cheers!

Should I gift or should I play?

*wanders off in contemplation

Edit: Will gift to Ian if I win!
Post edited March 24, 2013 by Sachys
I have it but I love anyone pushing anything Steampunk. +1
I am in please, thank you for the chance +1
In for this estrange guy above! ^
Not in, but +1 for the giveaway!