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Have 3 c64's, 1541's and 1 SX-64 with prologic-dos - all functional.
Still looking for a c128, a c128D 'Diesel' and a c128DCR.

I see soulless is made available for free now. Better put that SD2IEC drive to good use :o)
I still have my C64, but I think I broke the cassette thing or its port, when I got a replacement power supply that may not have been compatible.
Man, I wish I still had my old C=64. I learned to love computers and gaming on that when growing up.

Later, when I got into PCs, I traded it in for a 2400 baud modem. A couple hours after I did it, I regretted it and to this day I still regret it.
Elmofongo: I wonder if people still has a working Desktop using Windows 95 or 98? and are still using it but heavily modifyed.
I actually installed Windows 95 on my stationary as a boot option. I had to run an AMD patch on it for it to run, despite it being an Intel P4. Furthermore, I had to limit the memory made available to be under 1 GB in a section of a .ini-file.
I haven't installed it on my laptop though as I have switched to doing more virtual machine stuff instead of multi-booting.
Ghorpm: Sure I have it. Working perfectly as usual. Just a few days ago I played a couple of games, Zorro among them
ucfalumknight: Bruce Lee was my first true platformer/fighting game.
Ghorpm: You can download the ramake here
Thank you so much for that, you made me feel 12 again!