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I bought Dragon Age Ultimate on D2D this weekend and a few GOGers recommended that I activate it on EA Origin which I did. After 2 days of downloading from Origin i had about 7Gb and then a download error ocurred and it logged me off Origin and all my download was lost. Unlike GOG downloader that saves every 10Mb, the Origin stupid downloader did not save any of the data. I'm so angry that I want to try to download from D2D. My question is that if i already used the Activation Key on Origin will i be able to use this key again on my D2D download? Thanks.
Should be able to. Activating something on Origin just adds an extra way of getting it (unless something is Origin only, but then you wouldn't have had the option to download from D2D in the first place).
Registering your key w/ origin basically just adds origin as a download option [and officially registers the game so you can use DLC and what not].

Since you bought the game via D2D you will be able to download it from your My Account->Games section of the website. You don't have to use the key again [I believe that Dragon Age only uses EA DRM - which means registering it w/ Origin [or the EA website] is all you have to really do].
Thanks for the info guys. I certainly dont want to spend another 2 days downloading from Origin only to lose everything again, so I'm going to try to download from D2D.