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On July 8th, I turn 25. In celebration of this, I decided to give this giveaway thing a try. The winner of aforementioned giveaway will be entitled to $25 worth of GOG's, which I will gift upon request. To enter, you must have at least 25 rep, and must post 25 different gaming related accomplishments or memories (Got all achievements/Trophies/Whatever in a game. Woke up X-Mas morning to a bright shiny new NES/Whatever System/On this day I got to play System Shock 2 and it was AMAZING, etc.), in no particular order of date, or importance, though you can put them in the proper order if you wish.

A Winner will be picked randomly on July 8th, thought I would get an early start on the entries, because I can be incredibly forgetful, and also to give those who do not yet have 25 rep a chance to get to 25 before the giveaway closes.

Every now and then I will post trivia, generally, the first entrant to reply to the post with answers to the questions I have posted will secure themselves an extra entry, up to a maximum of 4 entries.
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Wow! Happy early birthday Desnoscross! 25 gaming accomplishments / memories, interesting. I will have to continually add to a list as I remember them and will update this post before the deadline.
How does one increase his reputation?
1. S-ranking Binding of Isaac.
2. S-ranking Super Hexagon.
3. Getting Half-Life 2: Episode 2's "Little Rocket Man" achievement.
4. Putting together my new computer from scratch.
5. Winning a couple of games from wpegg's chess giveaway (one of the hardest giveaway puzzles I've seen here).
6. Staying up until 5am finishing off Link's Awakening when I was a kid.
7. Getting a Game Boy for my birthday.
8. Finding the fortitude to play through Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
9. Finally growing the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet in Plants vs. Zombies.
10. 'Speedrunning' Day of the Tentacle; ok, it wasn't exactly a great time (under 2 hours), but it was fun to do.
11. Playing through Tyrian with only the default generator.
12. My dad awkwardly trying to explain what a prophylactic is while I was playing Leisure Suit Larry as a kid...
13. Creating my own terrible games when I was younger.
14. Being so incredibly close to beating Crawmerax in Borderlands 1 (I got him down to less than a pixel of health).
15. I remember Zavvi being shitty and not actually sending me a game that I ordered :(
16. I remember that part in Braid.
17. Winning other games through giveaways on GOG :P
18. Creating my own giveaways on GOG :D
19. Getting the Veni Vidi Vici trinket in VVVVVV.
20. The debacle of 2010.
21. Hearing about Xbox One changing its DRM policy :P
22. Finishing X-Com: Terror From the Deep - that ending was tense.
23. Having to play Cryostasis on the lowest settings/lowest resolution given how poorly optimised the game is =|
24. That jump scare from BioShock: Infinite.
25. Septerra Core getting me into listening to podcats - due to how extremely long-winded some areas were.
thank you desnoscross +1

In for Austrobogulator please.

What a wonderful year 1967 was lol - I will be 47 on the same day :D (damn i feel old lmao)
Cheers desnoscross!

Hmmm... 25 gaming memories eh?!

Bit of a list but here goes!

1). My first taste of gaming - an Old Atari 2600 console at my aunts - played every game they had (pretty much all available at the time) only liked a couple.
2). Second taste of gaming - was put off by the Atari, but about a year later on a trip to whitby (friend of the family had to do an archaeological dig and took me and my dad) we went on the (meagre) arcades. My dad and I spent about an hour on one of those arcade machines with the light guns. This would have been around 1986-87 I think so it was a pretty amazing thing at the time. No idea how much he spent, but I know it wasn’t cheap. Great time!
3). Early 90s, and I'm told by my mum I’m getting a computer for Christmas. Overexcited I asked her what kind (expecting an Amiga or C64) and was saddened by the news it was an Amstrad. Turned out okay as it came with about 100 games.
4). Around 1993 I started working for some computer fairs at the weekends - my first real taste of what PC gaming could be (around the time of Doom and the likes). remember on fair was so dead I got to spend the whole day playing doom and got paid for it - spent it on some rare Games Workshop stuff. The next week was really busy and one of the guys on the team sold me his Gameboy and twelve games for £40 - bloody bargain at the time. Kept that for years!
5) I eventually sold the Amstrad for enough to pay the greater part of the price of a Sega megadrive, which utterly disappointed me.
6) I soon returned it for a snes, which I loved from the start for games like FF and starfox.
7)eventually I got bored of the snes (or perhaps more frustrated by the prices of cartridges at the time - £70 for a new game?!) so I pretty much stopped gaming until college - only a couple of years, but enough to make some distance between me and games.
It was when college friends started coming around that the snes suddenly got dusted off and supermario kart and bomberman were the song of the evenings.
My love affair with gaming was alive again.
8). I began earning around this time - and earning a fair bit as I ran the upper floor of a restaurant. A new friend had a PS1 and grand theft auto. My life was forever turned around when I picked him up C&C as a cheap gift one week and his flat mate realized we could link PSX's and TV's to have head to head. That weekend was a riot of too much (ahem) "smoke", booze and C&C. no wonder I don’t like online multiplayer games. I bought one on my 19th bday along with some tattoo work.
9). that same friend also had an n64. I loved playing turok on it (cheesy as it was) and eventually picked it up off him for a small sum with four pads and several games. My closest friend and I (who pretty much lived at my house at the time) played turok rage wars and goldeneye to death. I’m still ahead of him in scores too - out of over 3000 matches of one sort or another I lead by about ten.
10). later that year that same mate came into an inheritance and bought me that weird thing that let you play some Gameboy Colour games on your N64 and also bought me that music maker for psx. This was a severe turning point for me as when I eventually got a PC I quit art for many years to produce music!
11).On turok rage wars: I always remember us being a little too "intensely tuned" and chasing my friend around the game arena as the raptor as he shrieked "ahhhhhhhhh s'gonna getme! s'gonna getme!" at the top of his voice at 4am.
the police arrived and weren’t happy with a very tall dreadlocked guy and his shorter, Wayne’s world looking mate who could barely open their eyes and smelled like cypress hill's armpits!
12). worms armageddon. I cannot tell you how many hours I put into this at my mates around the corner. same with gta3. he'd bought a ps2 soon as it came out and we smashed both games every night for over a year. you would think his girlfriend would be unhappy about it, but she actually liked my company amongst all his friends as I could talk girly things with her and got on with her brother / friends on their visits. my mate didn’t like it though as she took an interest in gaming. weird.
one night I’d foolishly done mushrooms - far too many of a far too strong strain. chilling at my mates on their insistence after they found out, we played worms, when his girlfriend suddenly shrieked from downstairs (having gone to grab a coffee). September 11th 2001. Crazy crazy shit to see in that state - particularly having just unleashed armageddon in game. Mind state was not good for it!
13). the PSX started to grind down. thankfully having a close lid cd tray, I could bash it to get it working (remember doing that with a revolving TV anyone?!). I bought a PS2 for next to nothing from the local gamestation branch - having known the owner since it started and being friends with all the staff I got a very good deal! soon I was plumbing hours into gta 3 and vice city. my mate from around the corner had moved but I was in a good place with a stable job and plenty of other mates would pop around for a session of "pass the pad". this was also when I really got back into gaming.

* * * *

gonna make this a bit shorter now as everyone else is taking less of a trip down memory lane! heheh!
These are no longer chronologically ordered.
* * * *

14). Spending over a hundred hours on FF8 and finally completing it - only to have the phone ring with serious call filled with very bad news. Missed the entire (and very long) ending. had to spend a few hours the next day finishing the final battles.
15). Deus Ex. First played it on PS2 and completed it so many times that when I eventually got a laptop it was the first thing I bought to go with it (prior to even buying a mouse!). Can’t even think of how many 100s of hours I’ve poured into the vanilla game and looking forwards to some of the recent mods!
16). Playing Morrowind for the first time and being in awe of the open world experience and thinking "why the hell did I waste years on consoles when THIS kinda thing is available?!".
17). Finally getting a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - I was in the middle of a mental breakdown and it was one of the contributing factors to my recovery. I discovered a whole dedicated community and more importantly - MODS! It also spurred me onto creating artwork again for the first time in some years.
18). Both my old N64 and SNES were sold to a friend of mine; "The Demon Busker of Kings Square". He was like everybody’s mad uncle. Early on in my mental breakdown he was found dead in the river after going out new year’s eve. Last year I passed the charity shop where he worked and both my old consoles were in the window (certain marks, stickers and graffiti distinguished them). It was a mixed feeling of loss and joy as I knew they would serve someone else well and that the shop was one of his loves in life!
19). Beating Nick Oliveri (from QOTSA) at a drinking competition, then battling him on a Streetfighter 2 arcade machine in the club.
20). Playing my mate at Wipeout3 in the house he shared with several mutual friends. one of them had a domesticated rabbit running around. Just as he was about to beat me the rabbit chewed through the controller wiring, zapped itself and spent the next three days hiding in a cupboard. It was never quite right after that. Neither was my mate’s pride! Heheh!
21). Last year when my dad was recovering from his first cancer op, he caught site of a battle I was midway through on Medieval TW2. Without a time limit, the huge melee continued for a couple of hours. he got so into it that by the end he asked me "what was that movie called?". Heheh! Poor old sod!
22). Watching my mate from college program games in flash back in the early 00's and being amazed at how simple it all seemed.
23). Having a beer with the guys at Revolution and finding out that I was the only one of them that had finished In Cold Blood as they all found it too hard.
24). Sitting with my first laptop in a local cocktail bar / internet lounge and playing C&C red Alert for fourteen hours straight. I left in a very drunken state several hours after closing(having been given free beer for much of the day by my friend the manager) and also left my laptop on the bar - C&C still running.
25). GOG
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I do love first-time giveaways - be careful though - they're sort of addictive ;-p

1. Getting my first video game console - an Atari on which my sister's and I played Pong.

2. Getting my first computer - a used Mac Plus with an ungodly amount of space in the 100GB Mac Bottom.

3. Sitting my son on my lap at that computer to play Cosmic Osmo.

4. Helping my son pick out his first gaming console and a couple of games.

5. Upgrading that console to a N64 and playing Legend of Zelda with him - Find ALL the skulltulas!

6. Buying him a purple GameCube for his birthday.

7. Standing in line outside WeBeToys to get the new Wii console and actually getting a number to buy one!

8. Breaking down and buying a PC so we could both play more PC games.

9. Spending a whole weekend playing a game - stopping only for urgent biological needs.

10. Beating Myst - finally!

11. Buying a ton of educational games for my son and enjoying them almost as much as he did.

12. Finally learning how to use a controller to play co-op games. YAY, Mario Party!

13. Discovering digital downloading - especially GOG ;-)

14. Playing Portal2 with my son from 2,000 miles away.

15. Buying bundles and finally getting a satisfying list of games to suit whatever mood I'm in.

16. Getting a beta-key for Don't Starve and totally sucking at playing it but it WILL be mine someday ;-p

Stealing from Austrobogulator but adding ;-p
17. Winning other games through giveaways on GOG :P

18. Creating my own giveaways on GOG :D

19. Ninja-gifting peeps that did not win a game they wanted in a giveaway.

20. Getting my ninja badge in the ninja thread - sweet!

21. Running one of the most EPIC giveaway threads EVAH! ~kick me if I ever attempt that again!~

22. Getting gifted Planescape: Torment by Licurg who badgered me until I started playing it and The Witcher from Barefoot_Monkey. I see months of game-play in my future and oh, getting turned on to new genres!

23. Getting gifted the Zork Series from Ian and YellowAries - I totally missed playing these when they first came out!

24. Solving every single puzzle in Safecracker without any walk-through help - srsly, this game needs to be on GOG!

25. Making a bunch of new friends that share my passion for games here on GOG ;-)
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25 Accomplishments? Damn, too many! Oh well, let me try. In no particular order:

1. S-Ranked Mega Man Zero 3. The dodges and dashes I had to make were the stuff of legend.
2. Completed the first Super Mario Bros without any continues or save states on my good old GBA NES Classic cartidge with just one life remaining.
3. Finally beat Earthworm Jim 1+2 after so many years of playing it but never completing it on Mega Drive/SNES/PC.
4. I dream of my aunt from Germany gifting me the Gameboy and the next day she indeed gifts it to me! :D
5. After accidentally destroying my first Gameboy, the very same aunt brings me another Gameboy!
6. Learning about
7. gifting Duke Nukem 3D (and later Torchlight!)
8. Getting seriously excited about the Wii's Virtual Console.
9. Getting all trophies on Super Smash Bros Melee. Damn that bloody hammer. It refuses to be tossed aside.
10. Getting all trophies/stickers on Super Smash Bros Brawl a mere 5 years after I originally purchased and put some really serious hours on it.
11. Being able to finally alternate my index finger between the green and red fret button and hitting the orange fret button with the pinky on Guitar Hero.
12. 5-starred all Career songs on Guitar Hero 3. I will never understand how the hell I did that with Raining Blood on Expert. The song is freaking nuts. And let us not even speak about the Guitar Duel with Lou...
13. Playing my PC games without sound on my really old Pentium 233 Mhz to get any respectable frame rate from the year 2000 till 2003.
14. Beating Metroid Zero Mission with just 15% items. Then doing it again for good measure on Hard.
15. The hearty laughter I had when I heard about the Xbone's DRM policies.
16. Having toyed more with the Neverwinter Nights 2 character creator than the game itself. :D
17. Dying from laughter on the multiplayer of New Super Mario Bros Wii when all four of us instantaneously died! :D
18. The strange sensation of using the Wii Remote for the first time. (On Metroid Prime 3 specifically)
19. The very begininng of Planescape: Torment. I'll never get used to it. You wake up in a morgue, you look all gray and shit and then a flying skull approaches you. And tells you that you have a journal sketched on your back. Yeah...
20. The chidlike joy I had with my friends when we got to play Kirby's Adventure Wii (Kirby's Return to Dreamland in America) multiplayer since all of us used to play Kirby on the Gameboy.
21. Multiplayer Bomberman on the DS with just one cartidge. Oh, the explosions...
22. Beating the shit out of The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II and the first Metroid. Hard but great games!
23. Being gifted the Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition. Boasting about it to my friends... and then finding out some days later that a shop was selling multiple copies for 30 euros a piece.
24. Playing some games in the past and not finishing them because I found them too hard. Played them years later and I wondered what the fuss was all about.
25. Listening to Hell March on Red Alert for the first time. HELL YEAH!

Oof! Thanks for the giveaway man!
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1: When I was 4 my family was gifted an Atari 2600, with some games.
My sister soon thereafter spilled a glass of milk on it. And then we had no Atari 2600 :(
2: On my 5th birthday I was given a used NES. 3 games came with it, Super Mario Bros, Batman & Kung Fu.
3: It was early summer 1997 when my family finally got their first computer. Obviously I was mainly using it to play games. As PC games were a lot cheaper than console games, my gaming collection finally started to grow at more than a snail's pace.
4: Deus Ex HR spoilers ahead: During my first playthrough I played on the highest difficulty, did a no kills round, without raising any alarms & I saved a certain someone (which is hard to do without killing anyone). proof
5: I've beaten Gothic 2 with NOTR. It was a surprisingly challenging game.
6: Back in 2001 I found one of those game compilation boxes. It was pink, and contained the following games: Dungeon Keeper 2, Wing Commander Prophecies Gold, World War 2 fighter, World Cup cricket (I think its name was that at least) and System Shock 2. I bought it for DK2, not really knowing much about SS2 at the time. DK2 turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, but once I actually tried SS2, well, it was love at first sight
7: A year later I found a boxed copy of System Shock 1, unopened, in a clearance bin. My love for SS2 made me buy SS1, for 25sek (~2.5€)
8: My first serious WRPG was Shadowrun, for the SNES. It not only made me love WRPGs (it is still my favourite genre), but it also got me interested in the pen & paper RPG Shadowrun, which is the pen & paper RPG that I've since game mastered the most & own the most expansion books for (and a first edition hardcover rulebook in a very nice condition).
9: My family had a rather crummy TV when I was a kid. I remember repeatedly kicking it to get it to work when playing Metroid. Kicking it actually worked.
10: The very first PC game that I played was alley cat, a game that I played at my second cousins place when I was 4 or 5. I still remember the bright blue PC that they had back then.
11: I deeply associate Legend of Kyranida 3 with sunflower seeds. When I played that game I had a large bowl of salted sunflower seeds that I was munching on, and now I relate the two with each other.
12: There were a lot of RPers in Ultima Online, and on my server (Europe) they were grouped into several factions that were at war with each other. One faction had had a real losing streak on the battlefield, and were rather demoralized, so the higher-ups had decided to give them a victory. I was an officer in the guild that had had great success on the battlefield, and was given the task to lead half of our army in what I was told was going to be a pincer move. What was meant to happen was that both parts would arrive at different time, thus we would get slaughtered, one part at a time. Sadly (or luckily) I was rather good at judging how long it would take for the other part to reach its destination, and intentionally walked slowly to were the battle would take place. The result was that we made a perfect pincer-move, without the help of any communication through ICQ or similar. The other guild got rather grumpy and their higher ups thought that we had intentionally done this.
13: My first stumbling steps in Ultima Online. This was before the world was split into a safe area and a dangerous area (where people could PvP). I remember stalking a Lizardman for more than half a screen, wondering what it would do, only for it to, after a surprisingly long time, turn hostile and kill me.
14: Drunken bomberman. I don't need to say anything more.
15: Back in 07 I played StarCraft with a friend, and his two brothers. I thought that one that one of the names looked familiar, like the screen name of a friends husband, and the day after, when I met my friend, I asked about it. Turned out that I had indeed played starcraft with my friends husband. Small world.
16: In my younger days I could beat Super Metroid in less than 50min (47 was my record).
17: I've beaten the entire Myst serious, with the exception of a single puzzle, without using a walkthrough
18: I've also beaten Schizm: Mysterious Journey (which is harder than Myst) without a walkthrough
19: I hate Global Domination, for one simple reason. I found a copy of it in a local game store (which sadly no longer exists). The box made it sound like it would be a complex grand strategy game, with more depth than most others. It turned out to be a mindnumbingly boring arcadey game with some major design flaws.
20: I actually learnt how to read due to Shadowgate. When I was 5 I rarely got a new game, so I had to save my weekly allowance for months to get one. Shadowgate looked cool, so I wanted it. Turned out that you need to be able to read to actually play Shadowgate, and I could not accept that I had spent so much money on something that I could not play, so I learnt how to read.
21: I've actually talked to one of the people behind Shadowgate.
22: Once I got into Planescape Torment, it was magic. Magic that I won't spoil for anyone who is interested in playing the game (and if you have not played the game, you should).
23: I picked up Age of Wonders 1 on a whim. It was cheap and looked interesting. That was one of the best gaming-related impulse purchases I've ever made. Ever since I first played AoW, I've been unable to praise HoMM as much as everyone else. AoW was just so much better (sadly AoW 2 was not as good).
24: I own Limbo of the Lost
25: Being the only kid who did not find Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be all that good when it was released. I still only think it's an "ok" game. I found very few of those long running series to be better in 3D, in particularly not in early 3D.
WOW first happy 25 birthday
In please and a +1

1. completed Bards tale 1 on the c64
2. completed Bards tale 2 on the c64
3. completed Bards tale 3 on the c64
4. completed EOB 1 on the Amiga
5. completed EOB 2 on the Amiga
6. completed EOB 3 on the Amiga
7. beat Mortal Combat on an arcade
8. completed bubble bobble on c64
9. comleted Xcom ufo Defence on Amiga
10. completed civ 1 with all civs on PC including my own.
11 completed NVN 1 the main story with a bard character on PC
12 beat UFO Afterlight on PC
13 got myself a copy of Ground Zero on CD
14. completed alpha centauri Without the expansion
15. completed warhammer Mark of Chaos Still haven't completed battle march
16. bought beer tycoon on cd and found out how horrible that was.
17 same for elemental war of magic (could have been fantastic if it worked)
18 . discovered Morrowind and its mods
19 found out that I needed an extra computer if I was to play it with all the mods I wanted(still haven't got one so it sort of rots till I find Room)
20. completed Wizrdry 6 on Amiga.
21. completed Wizardy 7 on pc
22. completed Movies on PC (was a bit disappointed would have liked it to be longer)
23. completed wasteland on c64
24. won world war 3 with Spain in HOI 2
25 took over Europe in CK 2 as a pagan Danish King
Damn. This will take a bit
1) Super Mario 64, did a triple jump off the top of Bob-omb Mountain on accident, expecting to die, and after a minute of waiting for the camera to catch up, found out that Mario had grabbed onto the ledge of the trench at the very bottom, averting death.
2) Before owning Memory Cards, Buckled down and hard played a 16 hour session of Megaman Legends, plus grinding, to beat the game.
3) Above with Megaman Legends 2, 20 hour play time non-stop.
4) Beating "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" in one long swoop of love, merryment, and enjoyment when the game first released, meaning I beat one of the longest games I had ever known up to this point at the merry age of I think 10.
5) A habit of beating games in a day or two for many linear style titles, on the hardest default difficulty, including:
Gears of War 2
6) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
7) Dead Space
8) XCOM 2012
9) Being a very terrible fighter for titles like Street Fighter and somehow beating an A-Rank player in "Dead or Alive 3" on the first Xbox.
10) Phantasy Star Online, spending a several month binge on the Gamecube title attempting to defeat the boss of Episode 1 on "Very Hard" mode, eventually winning by the skin of my teeth at a heft level 82.
11) The first time I ever played Morrowind, playing the game and all the wonder of the game, how unique it was and just how massive it was. It was the first game I had that required active thinking with how to beat monsters, navigate the world and solve Missions.
12) The first time one of my best friends at the time in High School introduced me and my brother to "Resident Evil", the remake on Gamecube. I spent the whole night terrified, so much that I freaked out terribly when my friend tapped me on the shoulder, when it was 12 in the evening, neither me or my brother had ever played horror games, and the room watch pitch black. Revenge was had later that night when my friend tried to scare me on purpose, and in my panic I straight up fell over clutching my chest, scaring HIM into thinking I just had a heart attack.
13) The first game I think I was ever able to beat was "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX" on Gameboy.
14) The first time I beat Pokemon Blue from start to finish with a group of hardy and ready level 50 something pokemon.
15) My many, MANY hours of playing Age of Empires 2 and 1, lots of fun. My father played with his friend, who made a living repairing computers, only to get destroyed when his friend cheated and sent about 200 Rocket Launcher Corvettes to fuck his shit up.
16) I can't leave out all the hours I spent playing with my younger brother, playing games like "Mega Bomberman" on Genesis. We could not figure out any way to beat the world 3 boss and got stuck, though one time we managed to accidentally use a password that gave us access to the 4th world. Never did Re-Create that.
17) Beating Super Mario World, only to realize there was so much more to it.
18) The hours playing "Paper Mario 64" and of course beating that, staying up to the wee hours of the night to play.
19) Playing "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door" on Gamecube, and taking on the hardest boss of the game in the pit of 100 trials, and beating it. This was a feat my brother had not managed to accomplish, and he played the game far much more than I had.
20) Super Smash Brother's Brawl, playing online in a party of me, my brother, my now ex girlfriend and her brother, and single handedly beating all of them. The closest match came to when the brother (Who considered himself a massive expert at the game) had nearly nearly broken me, and the two of us charged each other. A bomb went off between us, and we both flew off the stage. Difference, he flew off and hit the boundary to give me the win by a millisecond, something that pissed him off something terribly.
21) Playing the same game among my fellow fencers during the Christmas Party, and though I didn't beat them all so single handedly, was still one of the best players that night, and being the only player that my club president didn't call cheap or cheating because I used actual skill and timing and variety in attack to win.
22) The first game I ever played in my life was Digdug, before I was even a year old.
23) My favorite game is "The Legend of Dragoon." I've only made it to Disk 3 once, and on that playthrough my characters were nowhere near strong enough to get through the game. A recent re-play has me permanently stuck because the game crashes after finding Linus and the Water Dragon, on Disk 2, and immediately after the boss fight.
24) I have a bad habit, in which with a long game, a very long game, if I have to leave it and come back to it, I delete the save and start again. In one such case this happened with "Final Fantasy X" on Playstation 2, a game I had 120 hours on. My brother knew I was going to delete the game, and in his valor copied and moved the game into another memory card before I deleted my file. I didn't find out for two more years that he had saved that file. To this day we still have it.
25) My first time playing "BattleToads meet Double Dragons" (Our household's first time with the game) It was hard. It was fun. We got to fucking speedbikes. We died. We never beat it. We gave up on the game and it has never been played again.

(This post would have come sooner but my internet died in the middle of writing this)
My achievements, memories, etc. from my gaming life:

1. My first Diablo II character that reached level 99. It was a necro on summon...

2.Finishing Hitman 2 on the highest difficulty.

3.Finally getting a ship of the biggest size possible in S.P.A.Z.

4.When I first got Sacrifice. It came as the free game on Level magazine, and I had never heard of it. After about 20 minutes of going through it, I was completely mesmerized. I thought to myself "THIS is not just a game, this is sheer beauty..."

5.When I first got to the waterfall in Unreal(the original, not the UT games). I just stayed for about 30 minutes, staring at it from different points of view.

6. When I first finished Dune 1, when I was just 7. I was so proud because, in my mind,finishing a game this "hard" made me a genius :P

7.I finished GTA 3 with 100%

8.I finished GTA: Vice City with 100%

9.I finished GTA: San Andreas with 100%

10. I've had a total of 19 Diablo II characters that reached level 99 on HARDCORE.

11.When I first saw the intro cinematic on Soul Reaver 1. Amazing !

12.When I first finished my favorite HOMM 2 map, "Slugfest", on the highest difficulty.

13.When I first finished King's Bounty(the original one) . I was just 8 years old.

14.When I first finished Sacrifice, playing with Charnel.

15.Second time I finished Sacrifice, playing with Pyro.

16.S-ranking Binding of Isaac.

17.First time I played a game - I was 5, and the game was called Bows and Arrows, it was a game where you controlled a little archer on the left side of the screen, and you had to pass through stages with different enemies. Never got to finish it tho, as I got to a point with evil trees throwing apples at me, and I couldn't get past it since I didn't know how :/

18.First time I finished Doom, when I was 7 .

19.Playing Diablo II 16 hours in a row.

20.First time I fell asleep on the computer - I was 7 or 8, and I had been playing Civ 1 for hell-knows-how-many-hours, and then I just put my head on the keyboard, and didn't wake up for about 4 hours.

21.Finished Manhunt 100%

22.My first erotic video game - I was 11, and I played a strip poker game called Hentai Anime Strip Poker. Needless to say, I became an expert :D

23.Every single cinematic from Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1 and Diablo II... Brilliant :D I still know virtually all of them by heart.

24.First time I played Phobia III - it was an amazing game, the kind they don't make anymore...

25.First time I finished a short game in King of Dragon Pass - It was the greatest satisfaction I've had in years.
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Not in, but +1 and happy birthday.

Although I am quite proud of getting all achievements in Dark Souls.
Ian: thank you desnoscross +1

In for Austrobogulator please.

What a wonderful year 1967 was lol - I will be 47 on the same day :D (damn i feel old lmao)
"To enter, you must have at least 25 rep, and must post 25 different gaming related accomplishments or memories (Got all achievements/Trophies/Whatever in a game. Woke up X-Mas morning to a bright shiny new NES/Whatever System/On this day I got to play System Shock 2 and it was AMAZING, etc.), in no particular order of date, or importance, though you can if you wish."
Ian: thank you desnoscross +1

In for Austrobogulator please.

What a wonderful year 1967 was lol - I will be 47 on the same day :D (damn i feel old lmao)
Licurg: "To enter, you must have at least 25 rep, and must post 25 different gaming related accomplishments or memories (Got all achievements/Trophies/Whatever in a game. Woke up X-Mas morning to a bright shiny new NES/Whatever System/On this day I got to play System Shock 2 and it was AMAZING, etc.), in no particular order of date, or importance, though you can if you wish."
you have to have completed or played 25 games to fulfill that :(