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I'm in, thanks.
I'm in! Thanks!

And a special lhanks for the developers who are giving you 10 keys!!! I've noticed their activity more than most in trying to connect with people interested in the game. Thank you, and many blessings!
Ghorpm: You attention please!
That's awesome Ghorpm!
This one is a game that I'm dying to continue... (loved the demo on Kongregate :P)
So, throw me in the draw!

Thank you, and the developer(s)!.... o/
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Saweeet, I'm in for this!

Thanks to Ghorpm and Level Up Labs!
QC: I've already entered once, and this isn't a second entry. But I have a message for our generous giveaway host.

-Gently stroke my space bar-

He'll know what it means..... :D
Ghorpm: Gaaah! My mind! It's gonna explode!

Calming down...

Virtual keyboard, I need your services yet again (doing it right now!)

Thank a lot!
You're welcome! :D Enjoy your evening.
I'll for it. Could always use just one more game!! :)

Thanks and +1.
I am in too!
Stooner: Thank you, and the developer(s)!.... o/
Yes, also thank you to the developers for being generous this holiday season and donating the extra games!

Good luck everyone!
Hmm... yeah, okay, I'm in. Thanks for the giveaway, and for attracting the attention of the devs so as to make your giveaway more awesome!
Hi Ghorpm - I'd like to enter your penance contest for Defender's Quest. Thanks!

And oh, +1 to you and +10 to the devs, wow!!
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Thanks for your giveaway, and the dev, wow!! Please, count me in as well.
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I'm in. Like a lot of people have said, thanks very much to the developer and to you, Ghorpm. This is a super nice offer.
See, this is sensible. One post, no fuss, no SORTING THROUGH THOUSANDS OF SCREENSHOTS. I respect that.
dirtyharry50: Hmm, I do like colorful games to be sure. Maybe I should find a strategy guide for Sacrifice. Maybe then I could prevail and enjoy the scenery.
Licurg: Sacrifice comes with a 78 page manual. I'm sure that'll be more than enough :P
Very well. I shall try to work this in sometime before I die which I hope is not anytime soon!
+/- 5 hours left
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