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1. Arx Fatalis & The Whispered World
2. Geez... I don't remember. It was 1546 days ago... From some gaming site, I guess.
3. A lot of free time.
I'm in it for Revelations 2012 and Whispered World.
Not entering, +1 for this magnificent advent calendar :D
1. The whispered world, puhleaz!
2. The Witcher 2 was being sold DRM free! How could I refuse?!
3. I'm very, very rich. I don't want/need anything for Christmas... :\
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- The Darkness II

- Arx Fatalis

I heard about GOG from a a Portuguese forum where I'm a member, and if I recall correctly it was around the time they were offering Empire Earth for free and I decided to check it out, and then I saw the amount of games I used to play and decided to stick around.

A tablet (asus padphone) :D
1. Darkness 2

2. I visit a site called Hardcore Gaming 101 and when they posted a retrospective of Quest for Glory, their announcement mentioned that the series was recently released on GOG. Then I looked it up.

3. The Neo Geo X
I would like to win anything except for revelations 2012.

I found out about GOG from a CD Projeckt newsletter. I have been registered with them since 2009.

An android tablet is on my "wishlist". Dead cert ;)
1st: The Darkness II

2nd: Got annoyed that I couldn't find any of the obscure old games I wanted that would work on a modern machine. Didn't hear about at all, just got fed up and spammed Google with the words good old games. Yay for pure dumb luck!

3rd: I'm trying to rebuild my console and game collection after an ex-housemate stole my belongings while I was in hospital, so frankly, unless it's leprosy, I'll be grateful for anything.

Will apple pie do instead of chocolate? Todays' advent chocolate was a reindeer but it's face was like a skull so I gave it to the dog.
1st: - Whispered World, The
- Arx Fatalis

2nd: - don't remember, probably through or

3st: - secureness
I would like to win:

- Whispered World, The
- Arx Fatalis

I found about GOG long ago, I think when I was googling for some old game.

And for Christmas I want to be happy. :-) And I wish you all very happy Christmas!!!
1) The Whispered World
2) I was searching on google for Duke Nukem 3D when I stumbled across GOG. Didn't know that it was still being sold somewhere and thought my only options would be to install the shareware version or purchase the original off of ebay and try to find a way to make it work on newer pcs.
3) Good health and wellness. If I had to pick a material possession that I would want I'd have to say a Kindle Fire.
1)Well, it's really hard to choose :D. So i'm for hexen+heretic collection or Darkness 2 or Whispered world.

2) Today is my 802th day here on GOG. I've found article on some czech's website and author wrote about gabriel kngiht's series and that is sale on And i still remember my first reaction: WOW! Finally I can get legaly old games :-)

3) On my wishlist are some books (hopefuly new book from Prattchet) or some good board game(s). And of course( and primarily) romantic dinner with my wife.
1. The Darkness II or (Revelations 2012).

2. I read about on (an abandonware site).

3. A lot of practical stuff, like an umbrella among other things ^.^

Thanks for the giveaway :-)
I would like to enter for Arx Fatalis thank you very much yet again
I would like Arx Fatalis please

I think I found out about GOG from reading PC Gamer.

On my wishlist is Dungeons of Dredmor and for GOG to sell Powermonger (and for everyone to vote for it too !)

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