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It is time for Nikolaus :)

Today is something special, as "Nikolaus" is a "special" day in germany (we will get our boots filled up with chocolate and presents), everyone can take part (even people who signed up just this month).

All you have to do is:

1st: State which games you like to win
2nd: Say how you found out about
3rd: State what is on your wishlist for christmas

And here is, what you could win:

- Revelations 2012 - AlexHedgehog, keremix
- Heretic + Hexen Collection - caesar_spencer
- The Darkness II - livefree

- Whispered World, The - spinefarm
- Realms of Arkania 3 - PCGameGuy
- Arx Fatalis - MoP

Good luck, and a lot of chocolate for today :)
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I'm in for Heretic + Hexen collection (wow!)

and for Whispered world

I found out about because of Polish CDP loyalty programme (you gathered points for buying games distributed by CDP and you could exchange the points for GOG games)

I don't really have any christmas wishlist. I don't think Christmas this year will be rich in presents of any kind, both sides. Me and my family are rather in deep hole now. But I wish my family Christmas will be warm and joyfull anyway.

Thanks for making this! :-)
1. whispered world
2. hmm... probably through abandonware sites
3. me time!
1.I'm in for:

-Whispered World, The
-Arx Fatalis

2. I'm a member of GOG for close to 2 years (signed on 16th Dec), but I had heard of the site before that, it just took a while to sign up. The thing is... I don't remember where I heard about GOG the first time, I just know it was well before signing up. I do remember reading the forums for a few days and it felt like a place I would fit in so I joined up. Didn't actually buy any games for a while, I joined for mainly the community.

3. My wish for this Christmas was a new DSLR camera. But we're saving up money to buy a car so I'm not getting a new camera. Other than that there are many things I would like but nothing I really wish for.

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Aningan: I'm in for:

-Whispered World, The
-Arx Fatalis

You should re-read the first post (the whole please) :)
I'm in for:

Arx Fatalis
Whispered World, The
The Darkness II

I've found out about GOG from news at :

And my wishlist:
Nexus 7

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luksmk: I'm in for:

Arx Fatalis
Whispered World, The
The Darkness II

You as well, please re-read the first post in total, otherwise I can't count your entry :)
Thank you, St. Nikivis. Can I call you that? It just seems appropriate right now ;)

1st: Either the Heretic+Hexen Collection or The Whispered World
2nd: I read a Gamasutra article heralding it back in 2008.
3rd: A set of quickdraws for climbing.
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1. The Darkness II
2. Some years ago I just read about it in couple of sites I was browsing
then checked it out, it was much smaller than today :)
3. Hmm I'de love a Wii-U or a 3DS!
I'm in for Heretic+Hexen!
I found Gog searchinf for a site where I can buy Planescape Torment!
In my wish there are only 10 games,one of the is Dark Eye Chain of Satinav :)
Post edited December 06, 2012 by Big_Boss
1: I would like:

Heretic + Hexen Collection -
The Darkness II

On Steam and

Whispered World


2: from a gaming news website back in 2009 if I remember correctly

3: Love, nothing but Love, Baby
Post edited December 06, 2012 by Roman5
!) In for Whispered World (GOG)

2) Found out about GOG a couple of years ago, Can't remember exactly how, but I was probably looking for the old Infinity games.

3) Wishlist...I really need to get on that. Always like books for christmas, The Zombie Survival Guide might be cool.
- Heretic + Hexen Collection -
- The Darkness II

- Whispered World, The -
- Arx Fatalis

Asking around the Larian Forums about where I could buy Divine Divinity.

For my wife to actually love the pressies I buy her, rather than pretend to like them & then hide them in a cupboard!
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1: Games I'd like
- The Darkness II

- Whispered World, The -

2: IIRC it was in a swtor forum. I don't even remeber the topic though.

3: My wishlist of this year to find my place in the world.
1: Nothing today. While interested in two of the entries, I'm sure that someone else will be able to make better use of them than me
2: There were some talk about GOG on another forum.
3: Very few realistic things I'm afraid. World peace, a larger apartment closer to Stockholm, a drivers licence, a new computer, so things that I quite simply won't get. So I'll say tea, lots and lots of tea.