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1. The Darkness II

2. Browsing the web for a childhood favourite, Castles 2 and found it on Haven't looked back since.

3. Lots and lots of heavy metal CDs. \m/
I would like Hexen+Heretic Collection please
I found GOG at first for the sales on the Fallout games in June (?) 2011 and so bought 1 and 2
Then in Febuary (?) I rediscovered it as more than just a way to DL FO 1 and 2 during the D&D buy 1 get 1 free + TOEE and since then loved this site
And for Xmas I hope Gothic goes sale cause I have other 2 on Steam and will give up my little OCD because I don't wanna buy whole collection
1st: Revelations 2012, The Darkness II
2nd: My brother told me about this site.
3rd: Wonderbook for PS3
I would like The Whispered World on GOG. I found out about GOG from a friend. My wish list for christmas is for Grim Fandango to appear on GOG.
1. I am in for Arx Fatalis.

2. I found out about by doing a random Google search for "classic pc games."

3. I would love to get a job and a place to live this Christmas as my family and I must move out of our apartment on the 23rd of December. Merry Christmas!
I would love to get my hands on the Heretic+Hexen collection - if only it were available in Germany. Gah. Guess we've been too naughty to deserve it. :(

Not participating, but +1 for the giveaway and good luck to all others! :)
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In for The Darkness II/ Whispered World.

I found out about GoG through a forum mentioning how it was distributing games that were DRM free and a lot of good classics at that. I checked it out shortly after and it really caught my eye.

As for my wishlist, it is more of a good luck thing than anything. I am not worried about anything physical. Mostly want my dad's recovery(broke his heel and going through the recovery process now) to go well and luck for me when I go back to school with getting into the program I want to be a either a RT (Respiratory Therapist) or PT (Physical Therapist). I need to get the basic course-work done first, and maintain a high GPA so I have a better chance of getting interviewed for the program (They only allow about 20 people a year)
The darkness II or Arx Fatalis
Found gog from steam forum actually
Heroes of might and magic 3 is only thing on wishlist for christmas.

As always thanks for the generous giveaway.
Ubivis: It is time for Nikolaus :)

Today is something special, as "Nikolaus" is a "special" day in germany (we will get our boots filled up with chocolate and presents), everyone can take part (even people who signed up just this month).

All you have to do is:

1st: State which games you like to win
2nd: Say how you found out about
3rd: State what is on your wishlist for christmas

And here is, what you could win:

- Revelations 2012 -
- Heretic + Hexen Collection -
- The Darkness II

- Whispered World, The -
- Realms of Arkania 3 -
- Arx Fatalis

Good luck, and a lot of chocolate for today :)
1.I am in for The Whispered World, The Darkness 2,Heretic + Hexen Collection, And i must be crazy to say this after all i heard about it, Revelations 2012,
2.After finishing Dragon Age Origins I was just seeing if Bioware made other games like that, and sure enough Baldurs gate popped up, Came across a blog post on Gamespot about GOG and Baldurs Gate and here i am, One of the best online communities in the universe.
3.World Peace :P, Just time to relax and enjoy time off with family, A Stress free environment for a bit, Barefoot_Monkey to finally show me the website so i can give out my contests games,And as for games, Not fully sure really just whatever catches my fancy :).

And this should go without saying, Thanks for the giveaway .
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I'd like to enter for Heretic+Hexen and Arc Fatalis.

I found out about GOG from another forum, as you might guess from my join date I signed up for free Broken Sword DC as I had only played the terrible GBA port of the first game. Got a bit more involved with the community after reading hg101 articles on Might and Magic and Ultima, to play freebee Ultima 4 and so on.

only thing on my wishlist irl is a 3dsxl
1st: like to win (in order of preference)
- Whispered World, The - GOG
- Arx Fatalis - GOG
- The Darkness II - Steam
- Heretic + Hexen Collection - Steam
- Revelations 2012 - Steam
found out about after joining kickstarter and people kept asking if drm-free download included gog access if it got picked up there. hating drm this drew me like a moth to fire. finding its 100% drm free across the board no exceptions got me joined up here.

3rd: wishlist for Christmas (hopefully gog has a super sale this Christmas season)
- Shadowrun Returns (if they ever re-open paypal. for months and months they've been like "maybe, soon, etc. . ."; they are going to do it but who knows when. they claim before Christmas but time wanes)
- The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav - GOG
- The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - GOG
- Gothic 3 - GOG
- Anachronox - GOG
- Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption - GOG --- Thanks NameGoo!!!!!! (ninja thread)
- Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

thanks for another day of giveaways!
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1st: State which games you like to win - The Wispered World

2nd: Say how you found out about - Searching for Realms of Arkaina

3rd: State what is on your wishlist for christmas - No Games, although a Vita would be nice
Sign up closed... as usual, winners will be informed and announced in a couple of minutes :)
Congrats to the winners, especially to the person who grabbed Heretic and Hexen collection. Damn, you're lucky! :-)
Congrats to the winners and thanks again Ubivis.